Comic Books #11: A Bat Out of Dell

I'd like to introduce you to one of the worst examples of the vampire/Dracula legend ever put to paper.  In this particular comic book series they made Dracula into some kind of a leotard wearing superhero!

For instance, his name for his "Clarke Kent" alternate identity is actually Al U. Card (gag).  Real original, Al; it's Dracula backwards - I'm sure people will never make the connection.  This reminds me of the movie Angel Heart where Robert DeNiro's character name is Louis Cypher. Get it? Lucifer? (gag, again)

This may be the only example of a vampire storyline I find worse than Twilight.  He may not shimmer and sparkle like the Twilight vamps, but he's a total do-gooder; more straight laced than Superman.  Dig his oath: "I pledge by the strange powers which have become mine to fight against the injustice, corruption, evil and greed which fills this Earth in the hopes that somehow my example will be an example to all men." (groan)

Dracula is supposed to be evil - you can't make him into a good guy. Or at least make him like Batman, where he fights evil, but is sort of dark and menacing at the same time.  What you don't want to do is take the unhallowed name of Dracula and turn him into.... this!

Eventually Al gets a sidekick - his girlfiend B. B. Beebe (yeah, you read that right), who becomes the superheroine "Fleeta". 

Sadly, this horrible mess didn't end with Dracula.  Dell comics saw fit to also make Frankenstein into a an equally repugnant superhero!  Perhaps we can expect Dell superhero renditions of Jason Voorhees and Hannibal Lecter in the near future.

Oh well, somehow this travesty is made all better by one of the worst, sickest, and extreme comic book panels I've ever seen.  I think you'll agree, this more than makes up for Dell's crimes against the Dracula legend.

Okay, B.B. has set up a net at the bottom of the cliff, so no children were actually harmed. But, still, it's a keeper.

A hilarious analysis of the Dracula comic can be found at Armagideon Time, where I've taken some of these glorious comic panels. I also used material from Stupid Comics as well as 4thletter.


  1. Actually, Count Alucard has been used before. Was it in the book? Anyway, why does Frankenstien have a green head and and white arms? It's no wonder I didn't read Dell Comics.

  2. This is possibly the coolest thing I have ever seen. You know its true.

  3. It's certainly the most articulate Frankenstein I've yet encountered... and the most compassionate.

  4. My favorite use of this name was Dracula follower Johnny Alucard from Dracula A.D. 1972. I was also waiting for a Joey Namflow to pop up somewhere, but it never happenened at least to my knowledge.

  5. Hey there. Great post. You always post such interesting things here. Hope you've enjoyed the weekend. Cheers!