Comic Books #10: Comics from the Crypt

I love paging through old horror comics. They were really popular back in the day, and there's a million of them. Here's a couple images that caught my eye. The first is from Tales from the Tomb (1974)

First of all is it really okay to say that something is so ugly it doesn't deserve to live? Are we okay with this? Should we go and exterminate all the ugly people of the world?  The guy on the right actually says he doesn't want to live in the same world with something this ugly. I'm kinda on the creature's side in this comic - I hope it disfigures them so they'll learn to not be so genocidally hot against ugly things.
Plus, did this chick really just say "Great Scott, Captain"? Really? Did she just quote James Doohan?

The next one is from Witches' Tales (Dec. 1971)

Check out this treasure trove of ilicit delights for the kiddies. This one little comic book ad is both a parent's worst nightmare and a child's fantasy. Let's take stock here: (1) there's realistic guns which actually fire, (2) a real switch blade knife, (3) a secret book safe - obviously a place to store cigarettes, pot, or other ilicit items, (4) a motion picture projector - judging by the ad, it's not intended for family vacation films, (5) the legendary x-ray specs, designed to see through women's clothing, and, finally, (6) a slot machine to develop Junior's taste for gambling.


  1. Some of the late sixties/early seventies Batman comics (the Neal Adams/Dennis O'Neill era basically)have a fab Gothic Hammer Horror vibe about them..

    The Secret of the Waiting Graves, The Demon of Gothos Mansion - you can catch a few here


  2. Eerie publications always had a grimy, blue collar appeal that I loved. Especially those Dick Ayers eye-poppin' stories. Empire of the Claw is a site with a few of those scanned.

  3. I spent way too much of my childhood reading horror comics and looking at ads for cheap junk in comics. Okay, I still look at them from time to time even today.

  4. I agree with Tim: The Eerie Pubs had real grab back primitive/outside art-like covers, often throwing dozens of disparate elements together. It wasn't enough that Dracula would have a victim stretched out on the rack, Drac would be decapitating the victim...and there would be a crazed hunchback holding a severed monster heqad to replace it with...and there would be spiders crawling out of the neck...and Frankenstein and a werewolf would be fighting in the background...and...and...and...

  5. I love those ads! The only thing missing is the world's smallest transistor radio. The Johnson Smith Co. used to run ads like that. I still get their catalog occasionally, but I wish they had all the products they carried in the 70's-early 80's. I can buy them now!

  6. Did someone mention both Eerie Publications & Johnson-Smith?

    Well then!