Halloween Magazines #2

October 1925

There would seem to be no end to the wonderful supply of vintage Halloween magazine issues out there - especially for kids. As I mentioned in the last post, the Halloween magazine cover heyday was evidently over by the 1980's.  In fact, I had a hard time finding any kid's Halloween mag from the 1980's that I liked; so, I eventually threw in the towel and gave up!

If magazines were our guide, the early 60's were definitely the golden age of a Halloween childhood. I could have served up 50 covers and just scratched the surface.  At any rate, I've posted a few beginning in 1925 (above) and ended in 1979. If you have some good scans or know a good source for kiddie Halloween mags, leave a comment or drop me an email.  Enjoy!

October 1954

This has got to be the worst hand maid Halloween costume ever. Do we really need instruction on how to cut holes in a paper bag? Unless you're going as The Unknown Comic, I'd reccommend not using this magazine for ideas and inspiration.

October 1962 (via Charm and Poise)

October 1964

October 1964

October 1964 (via fanboy)

October 1967 (via fanboy)

October 1970

December 1970

October 1975

Considering that R.L. Stine was a writer for Dynamite, I guess we shouldn't be surprised there were several monster/horror themed issues of this magazine.

October 1975


The Marvel humor magazine, Crazy, had quite a few horror themed issues, as did MAD, but the kid's mag Cracked wins the prize for having the most.

October 1979

I apologize for not referencing the sources on most of these images, but I've had them sitting on my hard drive for a long, long time, and have since forgotten where they originated. If one of these is yours, I will happily remove it or link to you.


  1. You're right, there's a ton of great vintage pics & mag covers out there, but I never get bored with seeing them. Keep up the good work!

    PS: I just did a post today of pics from 1960 Life magazine of kids dressed up for Halloween!

  2. Great finds dude! I recall that Dynamite issue, I think! Nice stuff, some of that should have been reproduced on other items, decorations or whatever. Cool.

  3. These are all awesome. I never realized how many cool ones there were in the past. Yeah, the 80's on seem to have sucked big time.