Mini Skirt Monday #23: Vintage Witches

In the spirit of Halloween, this edition of Mini Skirt Monday will feature witches from yesteryear.... in mini skirts, of course.  If you happen to have a good image (or any vintage horror themed image with miniskirts), please send it to me. If it's good and truly vintage (~ pre 1985), I'll stick it in a post with a link to you (if you want).

Anyway, here's a wide range of retro witches in minis taken from comics, publicity shots, magazine covers and more. Enjoy!

Ava Gardner 1944

Corinne Bohrer from the TV show "Free Spirit"

November 1939 (via sexywitch)

Janet Leigh (above) Ann Miller (below)

(okay, that last one wasn't a mini skirt - but it's Morgan Fairchild and close enough)

In this next one, it's not the witch, Morgana, in a mini, but her foe, Wonder Woman (1970)

I guess Morgana eventually saw the light and jumped on the mini skirt bandwagon. Here she is with Wonder Woman and Supergirl. You gotta love this!

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