Artful Conception #2: Monsters Carrying Chicks (part two)

Guess what? My post on Monsters Carrying Chicks has become my most visited post of all time. Surprised? Don't be.  Prior to this, my most visited post was They Spanked Women in the Old Days (a post which had nothing to do with spanking fetishes.... go figure). But, I guess I shouldn't be critical - I'm very happy for any visitors to Retrospace.  It does become a tad frustrating, however, when the long, well thought out, researched posts pale in comparison to the traffic on a post where I just slapped a bunch of pictures up.

I've already bitched and moaned about this in my post A Look Who's Dropping By, so I'll spare you any more rants.  I'll also mention that on my Spanking Women post, an anonymous commentor totally put me in my place and made me rethink my opinions a little.  Let's get real - these pictures are fun to look at. They're harmless - look in any magazine like Cosmo or Entertainment Weekly and you'll find a whole lot worse material than on Retrospace.

So, if you've managed to endure the rambling in the last two paragraphs, you deserve a reward. Here's some more of those crazy monsters who love to carry chicks!!

Many "old timers" out there may recall that Famous Monsters in Filmland used to run a regular feature called "Girls and Ghouls Gallery" which contained images much like those pictured above.

Special hat tips to Wrong Side of the Art and datajunkie for some of these images.


  1. Hey can you blame monsters for carrying chicks? Not me. If I was ever mutated by radiation or a chemical potion the first thing I'd do is find a hot chick and carry her.

  2. If I was a monster, I'd be carrying off a few beautiful chicks myself.

    I'm surprised at times on which of my posts do the best. It's often not the ones I was expecting at all. Oh well.

    Happy Halloween!

  3. Why do monsters like to carry chicks?
    What else can they do? Every see one drive a car or ride on the bus. Every see one waiting for a subway train? I thought I did but it was just some guy going to a rave.
    Monsters have balance issues,that's why they have such a hard time walking.So you can see that bikes and motorcycles are not alternatives.
    As any awkward,pimply faced teen boy will tell you meeting girls is not easy. It's even harder when you don't have a car. So if you see a monster carrying some half dressed beauty on a dark road this Halloween stop and ask," Can I give you kids a ride to the mall or cemetery?"

  4. The most common I am getting now on my blog is one that's something like "-self metal Halloween costumes". Fortunately I did one on "Do it yourself heavy metal Halloween costumes" like three years ago and they are pulled in to my trap.

  5. Unlike the unconscious carried dames, Heather Locklear looks pretty stoked to be carried away in that picture from "The Return of Swap Thing."

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  7. If your interested in a twist the British giant gorilla film Konga shows the King Kong sized ape at the end carrying a man, and of all men it is hammy Michael Gough who shouts over and over "let me down Konga! Let me down!" I reviewed Konga at the Cafe and the sight of a man being carried is not that sexy but it was pretty funny.

    I may horror this theme only because it is great and I am trying to do posts that are more general and not just a review of a film. I will link back to you of course but I think I could find some cool images of this sort of thing.


  8. I meant I may borrow this theme, not I may horror this theme.

  9. P.S. I just started to do a search over Google for Monsters Carrying Girls and your site was number one already.

  10. here is my offering on the theme;


  11. Right. As if--back in the day--Julie Adams needed a lift, you'd say "Wot da hell? Ain't you got legs? Come on!"

    As if carrying babes makes one a monster.....Well, maybe.