The Retrospace Halloween Flashback Episode

Nope. Sorry for the false advertising . This will not be "a weird psychedelic orgy". This is just a flashback post. A bitter disappointment, I know.

Remember when you waited all week to watch your favorite show and it turned out to be one of those awful "flashback episodes"? God, how I hated them! You remember - rather than write and film a whole new episode, they just recycled footage from previous episodes and had the characters reminisce. AAARRRRGGHH!  I hated them! I'd rather they just show a rerun... it's more honest.

Well, I'm being up front with you. This is a Retrospace flashback episode. There, I said it. We may as well make the best of it. So, in case you missed out, here's some links to Halloween related posts from last year. At least they're probably better than recycled flashback clips on Perfect Strangers or Mama's Family.


1 comment:

  1. A retro-flashback episode? Cool!
    "Remember that time we remembered that time?"
    Loved the 'Halloween 1978'. The movie listings of the Strand was great. If only our local Super-ultra-giant-megaplex had that line up. I'd never leave.