Retrospace Zeta #6: Halloween Pics

Halloween really lends itself, perhaps more than any other holiday, to imagry.... it's a holiday that really is all about visuals.  A witch, a darkened room, a scarecrow at night, a graveyard... they all evoke a sense of the season. For those of you who haven't had a chance to catch the Halloween themed images I've been slapping up on my Tumblr blog, Retrospace Zeta, here's a sampling of them.....

.... do you dare read on?

Thanks to Casey in Jackson, Mississippi for sending me this next one. I well remember the shrunken heads ads that appeared on the back of comic books in the 70's. I seem to recall pouring over this one for hours, begging my mother to get me this...alas, it was to no avail.

I have hundreds of copies of horror magazines from the good ol' days.  The artwork in those mags are sometimes shockingly well done.  This image is from a 1953 illustration.... what an incredible piece of art to wind up on cheap paper in a kid's magazine. I am happy to resurrect it.

I do believe that this particularly nasty looking jack-o'-lantern is about to "bring the ruckus" to that boot polish witch. Look out!

I can't for the life of me remember where I got this picture from... I want to say it's a photograph from a tour of the set of The Munsters or the Munsters Go Home movie. Wherever it's from, it's a wonderful slice of campy 1960's horror fun.

Once upon a time, our nation's city streets were lined with dingy theaters playing smutty sickening films; often horror flicks that scraped the very bottom of the barrel.  Nowadays, your average city has a couple multiplex theaters, each playing the same billion dollar Hollywood productions.... at $10-$15 a head. It's the rare city these days that has a theater that plays anything off the beaten path.

I've always loved spook houses and scary attractions at fairs and amusement parks.  Sometimes, the haunted houses put on by local groups like the Knights of Columbus are the best.  Last week, I went to the Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights and was, well, underwhelmed. I waited nearly three hours for the new Saw attraction, and it was nothing compared to some local spook houses I've visited.  The Wolfman attraction was worth the wait, though....

 (Note: the image at the very top of this post is from Vinnie Rattolle)


  1. Gilligan lil' buddy!...HAPPY Halloween from one of your 300 followers! Loved this most recent post. I fell off from blogging for a few months ( enamoured by the lure and newness of facebook ) but now I'm back ( after discovering facebook was a vast wasteland of stupidity )Anyways...what I'm trying to say is after not seeing your blog for awhile I am very glad to see how it's grown and improved.... KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK! .... us Retro-hounds need you! :)

  2. Man, I hear ya' about the lack of well done local haunted houses. I went to Universal this year too (Orlando), and found myself appreciating the attention to detail (costumes in Dracula, that hypno-tunnel in Chucky's toy house)rather than being, you know, SCARED! I can remember the Jaycees doing houses that were epic! With about one tenth of the cash and manpower.

  3. I'd forgotten all about those shrunken head thingies - 'mazing!

  4. Hi. Great post. These pictures reminds me old good times. I like especially the image of the boy from 1953. It's masterpiece of art. I can remember how much I was addicted on horror magazines. And the peak of the year after Christmas was for me Halloween. Well, were are the times...

    Take care,

  5. Sorry you didn't get the Shrunken Head maker.I still got mine. When I got it as a kid we tried it but the apple got moldy so my mother stashed the whole thing in the attic.
    Jump ahead 30+ years and I get it back, with all the parts still in it. Cool.
    Remember Gilligan, Christmas is coming. And if your good maybe Santa has a Shrunken Head maker in his attic for you.

  6. I like the " Leaf Creature " above the little boy in the 1953 illustration .