A Vintage Halloween: Spooky Dames and Hallow Swingin'

Retrospace is usually concerned with the mid 1960's to the mid 1980's; however, I think it's time we take a trip further back.  Here's some great audio and imagery of Halloweens from waaay back. Enjoy!

"Hush, Here Comes the Bogey Man" by The Henry Hall Dance Orchestra (1932)

The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra - "Dr. Heckle And Mr. Jibe" (1933)

Chick Webb & The Savoy Ballroo - "Midnight In A Madhouse" (1937)

"Dry Bones" - Fred Waring & his Pennsylvanians (1947)

"Halloween" - Betty Grable (1950)

"The Ghost Of Smokey Joe" - Cab Calloway (1939)


  1. these are cool. thanks for sharing.

  2. You realize that the "here comes the bogey man" picture is Janet Leigh, don't you?

  3. Man, I never get tired of those vintage Halloween pinups. More, please!

  4. Fifth from the top, with the circle of pumpkins, might make a very interesting novelty clock.

  5. Oh man, Gilligan, what a great post! I just went through all the song, and I love them. How about some ID on the pics? I recognize (I think) Clara Bow (?), Janet Leigh, Jane Russell and Veronica Lake.

  6. I don't care if she's a good witch or a bad witch. Bravo!

  7. I loved these!I love vintage Halloween!! Thanks for sharing!! :)