Why Disco Died, Reason #22: Disco Phantasm

Disco started as an underground thing - primarily among homosexuals and minorities in large cities.  Rather than focusing on lyrics or guitar chords, it was simply a backdrop to dance to. Disco was just a good beat that blended well with a little cocaine and hedonism.  Thanks to the likes of ABBA and Saturday Night Fever, it soon became a musical behemoth that found its way onto Sesame Street records, TV variety shows, and bad movie after bad movie. Musicians of all varieties were quick to cash in on the craze: Rod Stewart, Blondie, Barbara Streisand, and KISS all tried their hands at making a disco record.

And just when you thought you'd heard it all, you find a disco version of the Phantasm theme by Captain Zorro. I don't actually own this record (although, I wish I did). Last I checked, this page, deeply buried on the internet, has a copy to buy and lets you listen as well. For your convenience, here it is....

I think the only proper way to enjoy this is with a long line of cocaine and to wear a pair of polyester slacks so tight the waistband acts as a tournakit..Otherwise, you're just not getting the full effect.

Another complaint is the cover of the 12" record sleeve.  I mean, it seems so obvious that the iconic killer sphere in Phantasm should be converted into a disco ball.  That would've been perfect. Since Captain Zorro didn't think of it, I tried it myself (see picture at the top of this post). And I must admit, I actually kind of like the original Phantasm theme. Here it is for comparison...


  1. Well I'm already wearing the pants, where's the Coke? Oh wait, you said cocaine. That's different.

    I like the original score.

    Wait till you see this disco album cover I found at a garage sale. It'll kill you. I wish I could make an MP3 from it.

  2. Angus Scrimm as The Tall Man. I don't know why his name caught my attention but once it did I had to look him up on IMDB. Did you know there were 3 sequels to "Phantasm", the last one "Phantasm IV: Oblivion" was made in 1999. Scrimm is still appearing in, what I assume are, low budget horror films that I never heard off. He has three movies out this year: "Satan Hates You", "Spaceman on Earth" and "Hollywood Horror". He was also a semi-regular character in the TV show "Alias" as SD-6 Agent Calvin McCollough.

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  4. Deleted last post as I amde a big error:

    This was a great horror movie score and I am not adverse to discoizing things. I have a techno collection of songs by the band Goblin that is pretty listenable.

    I have a new Blogger trick you may like. If you check my http://necrotic-cinema.blogspot.com site (sorely neglected due to technical issues) and scroll to the bottom you will see a pagination system there, page numbers.

    I found a code online and it seems to work on my site which is not a normal Blogger template so it should work on yours.

    This is supposed to help people search your back pages better. People may click 'page 22' out of curiosity but may not click previous page 22 times.

    I can send you the code and instructions and web page to your email if yu want to give it a shot. May not work with all themes I read.

  5. Wow...the disco version really sucks.That's what I recall about it, no matter how good the original song the disco version was sure to suck any trace of life out of it and turn it into pablum. The original soundtrack is great, simple and haunting.

  6. ... on yellow "blood-stained" vinyl with "Sure Can Boogie" on the flip"?! Sah-weet!

  7. Hey there. Great post. I'll admit that I do like some disco. Happy Sunday to you. I hope you've been enjoying the weekend. Take care. Good luck with the week ahead. Cheers!

  8. Hi Gilligan! Brilliant Blog and Tumblr of Retrospace, I follow him.

    Greetings from Draculand: The Dracula´s Blog.

  9. I saw Angus Scrimm in a speaking role (of more than 2 lines) called "I Sell the Dead."
    A pretty good movie about, well, people who "sell the dead" to medical schools. Check it out.

    After hearing your post I put on my Angle Flight suit (if you don't know then you are too young), and watched Phantasm again.

    Great film to do the "Hustle" to.