2 Songs About Something (#6): Girl Watching

1. "Music to Watch Girls By" (1967) by Bob Crewe

Fans of lounge music know that there were certain songs that wound up on nearly every album, covered over and over again.  Perhaps, "The Girl from Ipanema" wins the prize, or is it "Caravan"? Whatever the case, you could be guaranteed you'd hear these two songs playing at every self-respecting space-age bachelor pad.

"Music to Watch Girls By" is another cocktail hour classic. It was popularized by Andy Williams, but my favorite version is an instrumental by Jay Murad's Harmonicats. [Note: In some browsers to listen to the music you have to view the full post (not the truncated one with "read more" at the bottom)]

Andy Williams - Music To Watch Girls By

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2. "I'm a Girl Watcher" (1968) by The O'Kaysions

This song was really the only hit for the O'kaysions (yeccch! What a lousy name!). I've heard this song all my life (never a big fan of it), but always thought they were black - it never occured to me this band was as white as the wind driven snow!

The guy leaning on the keyboard with the glasses became a principal at a middle school in North Carolina. I'm not sure what became of the rest.  I think one of the reasons I'm not a big fan of the song is that infernal Wheel of Fortune promotional reworking of the song, "I'm a Wheel Watcher" in 1987. My God, that was bad.

Various Artists - Girl Watcher

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  1. Don't forget Standing On The Corner (watching all the girls go by) by The Four Lads with Ray Ellis & His Orchestra & Chorus. A pretty perverse song from the pre-rock 1950s.

  2. That goes from "Goofing on Chicks" to "Creepy Stalking" real fast.

  3. "Music to Watch Girls By" was for me a musical mystery that lasted for 40 years. I remembered it being used as a commercial jingle for Diet Pepsi in the late 60s. The tune stuck in my mind. Ever few years I'd hear it on the radio, in other commercials...even a guy whistling it at work. NO ONE could tell me what it was.
    Finally, 40 years later, I picked up a Ventures record to put on my USB player....when the tune started I quickly snatched up the album cover for the answer that had eluded me for so long.

  4. This is from memory, not Google:

    "The boys watch the girls and girls watch the boys when the girls go by

    Eye to Eye

    They silently convene to make the scene"

    I think those are a portion of the lyrics I remember from heart. Don't know whether to laugh or cry! Kind of like when someone came up with lyrics to "Love is Blue".

  5. I should have also mentioned that Leonard Nimoy recorded a song called "Music to Watch Space Girls By". :-)

  6. So how was Camp Climax?

  7. i had no idea there was so much literature on girl watching. fascinating. love it.

  8. When I was really little, I was really confused by the lyrics:

    "The boys watch the girls and girls watch the boys when the girls go buy..."

    Go buy *what*?

    What are they buying?


  9. Retro hound mentioned " Standing on the Corner" by the Four Lads. Here's a line from that song that always freaked me out,
    'Brother, you can't go to jail
    For what you're thinking
    Or for the woo look in your eye
    You're only standing on the corner'
    Go to jail? What the hell are you thinking about that you'd be concerned it would attract the attention of the police? Creepy.
    This is the first photo I've seen of the O'kaysions and was also surprised to find out they're white. I don't know why. Great tune from my childhood.

  10. My favorite version of "Music To Watch Girls By" is Natacha Snitkine's "Jeu du téléphone" A ye-ye tune, in French. Same music, completely different words. Available on the Ultra Chicks vol. 5 album.

    Check it out.