Vintage Style #6

I just have to wonder, were these things ever worn? Anyone have a recollection of seeing someone at the local Safeway sporting a pair of flaired Budweiser pants? I do seem to recall a lot of turtlenecks, crochet sweaters and corduroys - the halls of my school were a buzz with the squeeking of fresh cords upon returning from Christmas break (with time and wear, the sound would dull to a soft rustle).

Then there's the infamous plaid leisure suit - standard issue uniform for the neighbor's key party. By the late 70's, they were already a subject of ridicule (i.e. Herb Tarlek on WKRP and Mr. Furley on Three's Company). Not so in the early part of the decade. I think every boy in my First Communion class was wearing one on the big day.

What kind of shoes go best with a Cool Blue and Sunshine Yellow Polyester Knit Coordinate? There's no right answer to this question.


I think a little explanation is in order for this next picture.  In the early 70's, low riding hip huggers and sleek tight fitting shirts were all the rage.  A body suit worked perfectly for this slim fitting fashion - no more bunched up, untucked sloppy shirt tails. Plus, the pants were so low, you really had no where to tuck in a shirt!

Flash forward to 1976 where the pants are so high waisted, the body suit should have become obsolete.  Should have. These blousy tops have no business being in unitard form! Which begs the question, why are they still around? Going to the bathroom in one of these was..... complicated.

Can you say "color coordinated"? Blue and blue, green and green, brown and brown.... even the belts.  And check out Mr. Blue - is this a wetsuit? This is form fitting at its finest. You could swim in this, with no resistance whatsoever. It's so sleek, you could outswim Michael Phelps in this suit.

Take note of the text below the letter "E": I'm glad to see you can get the "Foxy" shirt in the Chubby sizes. It wouldn't be right to discriminate. However, it will cost you an extra buck fifty.


  1. The beer outfits... incredible!

  2. I saw some Budwiser pants on a woman once. I think it was a car show or a biker show.

    I only remember a couple of guys at my church wearing leisure suits. Both were powder blue.

    The "chubby size" kills me!

    I'm digging the body suits. I want to get my wife one. Though she wouldn't wear any of the patterns on the page you have here.

  3. Wow... I think you have combined so many levels of garish 70s awesomeness there that might eyes need a rest.

    I remember Budweiser being a logo on things on par with Coke, at that time. Wasn't a big 'taboo' about it, that's for sure.

    The rest are pretty self explanatory, but anyone who has had issues with the kids wearing clothes that read "Juicy" or "Sexy" can see here that the trend began a long time ago. That girl and that outfit are the opposite of "Foxy" however.

  4. The Bud item I remember the most is a crocheted Bud hat, made of of Bud cans, cut apart and flattened somewhat. Not an official Bud product, but you could be the "life" of the party showing up in one of those. Or not.

    I wonder, is that female jockey outfit still available? My wife has a birthday coming up, and....

  5. Nothing says you're 'Foxy' like wearing clothes that say you're 'Foxy.'

  6. Nothing says you're 'Foxy' like wearing clothes that say you're 'Foxy.'

  7. I wore bodysuits in the late eighties/early nineties. Wish I'd had a "foxy" shirt, though!

  8. While I love so much about that era, much of the fashion is not part of my obsession. lol

  9. It says a lot about how truly horrific these fashions are that the first photo pales in comparison to the others!

    The gents in the skin-tight colour-coordinated clothese have me in stitches. Funniest thing I've seen all week.

  10. Speaking of bad fashion, here is one of my favorites from the late 70's: The San Diego Padre uniforms

    They had that glorious mix of doo-doo brown and yellow polyester. It looked like a mustard-covered turd.

  11. Budweiser was everywhere in the '70s. Hats,shirts,posters,buttons, everything that could display the logo. Remember 'Budman' the little cartoon superhero that was also on T-shirts?
    My Dad used to take me to hydroplane races and we would go into the pits to meet the drivers. The Miss Budweiser crew would give out tons of that stuff. I still got some buttons and towels.
    As for the rest of the fashion shown here...I'd rather not think about it.

  12. OH yeah! Budman! I had a Budman poster for a few weeks until my mom made my dad throw it out.

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  14. Ugh the double whammy of garrish 70's faux-prairie patchwork and inappropriate message on a nine year old girl's chest! Which is she? Laura Ingalls or Foxy Lady? Surely she can't be both!

    And, as if using patchwork letters makes it totally okay to call your chubster 3rd grader "foxy."