Awful Band Names

Okay, you're a hippie band putting out peace and love songs like "Stop Fightin', Start Lovin'". While the government and "The Man" are all about war and rules, you're all about peace and freedom. So, the question now is, what should you call your band? Maybe, something with a veiled drug reference like The Raspberry Mushrooms. Or, how about something that makes a statement like The Now Generation?

Nope. These guys name themselves after something that is abhorrent to all hippies - The Establishment! They may as well have called themselves The Elderly Warmongers.

The Tennessee Tacos  have a really bad name. Maybe you've heard the sexual slang "Dirty Sanchez"; well, there's also something called the "Tennessee Taco Swap" (I'll let you do the research on that one yourself). They may as well be called the Cincinatti Bow Ties (you can look that one up too).

Plus, these chicks aren't even The Tennessee Tacos, just cover models who are a lot more attractive than the real band (probably middle aged Mexicans).  They don't look like they've come from south of the border - indeed, one is even a redhead!

If you feel like punishing yourself for something horrible you've done in the past, I recommend you listen to one of their songs. No matter what you've done, this will more than make up for it. (vinyl source: Vinyl Room)

And my last entry needs no explanation. I give you the Kuntz Brothers....


  1. I never heard of "The Establishment." That's even worse than "The Chairmen of the Board."

  2. I looked for these two Kuntz on the internet and found that besides their kids TV show "The Good Time Gang"(possible other titles included 'Time for some Kuntz, Fun with the Kuntz, Kuntz Kids and The Happy Kuntz Playtime Hour') the Kuntz Bros took up screen writing and producing.
    One of the Kuntz, Darryl J. gave birth to "Dakota", starring Lou Diamond Phillips, about a troubled teen, horses, family values and God. Together the brothers, Darryl J. and Frank, made "Harley", starring Lou Diamond Phillips, about a troubled teen, motorcycles, family values and God.
    Both were still born. And it seems these Kuntz have dropped out of show business for good.
    As for The Tennessee Tacos...a new standard in the music used to torture people has been discovered. Thirty seconds of that and I'll tell you anything.

  3. I do wonder how some of the people come up with the names of the bands they are in.