Trivia Newton-John #12

Okay, folks. Time for another chance to win a Trivia Newton-John award to proudly place in your sidebar. This one will really test your retro-abilities. Here goes...

The illustration for the Procter & Gamble advertisement shown below was painted by the mother of what famous actor?

Be the first to correctly name the actor in the comments, and you win the prestigous Trivia Newton-John award.  Good luck!

Wow. That didn't take long! Well, John, I don't know if you have a blog or not (your name doesn't link anywhere), but I present you with the 12th Trivia Newton-John Award nonetheless.  I think that was a pretty difficult question, so you should pat yourself on the back. Here's to you, John. You da man.


  1. You got it! And just 22 minutes after it was posted. Collect your award.

  2. Congrats John! I had no idea that Bogey was an artist!

  3. Actually Bogey's mom, Maude.

  4. Didn't she also draw the gerber baby?

  5. Anon: Yes, she did indeed draw the Gerber baby, which is how I guessed that she was the correct answer. Of course, I saw this two days too late to be eligible. I guess I'll try the next question, whenever that may be.