Vintage Scares #10: Christmas from the Crypt

Check out some Christmas images and audio with a horror twist. It's like a Halloween-Christmas hybrid - how can you go wrong? Enjoy!

"Christmas with the Devil" by Spinal Tap
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Forget Freddy vs. Jason and Alien vs. Predator - I'm talkin' Frankenstein vs. Santa!. And it looks like Kris Kringle has got the monster on the run!

For you kids foolish enough to not believe in Santa Claus, here's some advice from Samantha on Bewitched:

...and from Uncle Fester on The Addams Family:

"It's a Monster's Holiday" by Buck Owens

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You may remember Buck Owens from "Hee Haw". This song is more of a general "holiday" tune than specifically Christmas, since Buck doesn't specifically mention Christmas by name.  It's a great song nonetheless.

"Seasons Greetings from all the Monsters" by Len Maxwell from the A Merry Monster Christmas album released in 1964. Len Maxwell did tons of voice acting, and was actually the voice for "Punchy" the Hawaiian Punch mascot  (image source).


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There's been a number of Christmas themed horror movies: Silent Night, Deadly Night, Black Christmas, Christmas Evil, Jack Frost, etc. My favorite by far is Tales from the Crypt which contains an amazingly frightening and well done story featuring Joan Collins. Highly recommended.

I'll leave you with a few horrifying Christmas comics featuring some serious Santa abuse. (source) Happy Holidays!


  1. Merry Christmas Gilligan.

  2. Best Christmas post EVER! You rock Gilligan.... thank you!

  3. ZOMG! There's a movie called Christmas Evil? And I haven't heard of it????

    I'm going to have to get hold of this asap.

    That Tales from the Crypt movie is excellent! The Joan Collins section is great. I think that the 80s-90s TV series also adapted the same comic in one of their early episodes (maybe the first?).

  4. You forgot the granddaddy of them all, A Christmas Carol! Perhaps not as slasherish, (is that a word?) but it has ghosts and some haunting scenes.