Album Covers #10: Christmas Album Covers

Okay, "FAVORITE" is a stretch. Some of these album covers are straight up awful. However, I do love looking at old records, and here's a few Christmas LP's that I found particularly interesting. Enjoy!

"Sleaze-ons Greetings" from the Golddiggers.  These were the girls on Dean Martin's show - and I love their frozen smiles and Stepford wives look. Cathy Lee Crosby from That's Incredible is under the Christmas tree in the center, back row. (image source)

If only that reindeer knew that his stuffed head would wind up on a Christmas album next to Dolly Parton and a randy Kenny Rogers! Why is this deer head here anyway? It almost looks like Kenny is getting frisky with both Dolly and Dasher. I really don't want to know where his other hand is. (image source)

Talk about a hastily put together album cover! I think the tree has a grand total of nine ornaments. Plus, Santa's hand is totally blurry - that's the best photo they could come up with? Then there's the issue of the wardrobe - the collars are simply gargantuan. And homeslice standing by the curtains sure has some high wasted slacks. Ouch!

Believe it or not, the Rhodes Kids actually enjoyed a taste of fame, albeit for a very, very, very, very, very (gasp! takes a breath), very, very, very brief moment in time. (image source)

Have four men ever looked so out of place? I saw this at a flea market yesterday and was transfixed on this album cover until my wife shook me and broke the spell it had weaved upon my psyche. There's simply no way these guys are going to be gathering around that tree to open presents - maybe to do a line off that glass table, but not open presents.

This one is from BizarreRecords.com.  Would it have killed them to put up some Christmas decorations? "Christmas at Our House" I guess means playing with an impossibly small train set on a ten foot carpet square.

How do I feel about this Jim Nabors Christmas album? A mixture of confusion, nausea, and light-headedness. Maybe it's just a physiological reaction to the mint green overkill, or perhaps it's due to the horrific sight of Gomer Pyle with legs spread in tight pants. Shazam!

Take Note: Debbie "You Light Up My Life" Boone center/front and Cherry "I Beat Anorexia" Boone on the far left.  I ripped "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" from the album, but couldn't bring myself to do any more songs. It's worthwhile for a listen only because of Pat's horrible Santa Claus imitation.


  1. It's hard to believe that a universe ever existed that the Rhodes Family outfits ever were deemed cool or even acceptable. Merry Christmas to you Gilligan, and all of the other posters who have kept me laughing this year. This blog is one of my first stops when I log on!

  2. Merry Christmas to you too, Don!

  3. Look at the size of the collars on the Rhodes Kids! You could land an airplane on each them!

    And it's good to know that Christmas at our house will be in stereo this year! :D

  4. Purple shirts and beige and brown checked pants. Who could have thought that was a good idea.

    Merry Christmas and keep up the good work in 2010.