Foxy Ladies #9: Vintage Santa Babes

Last week's Mini-Skirt Monday featured vintage chicks in a Santa getup. Consider this post a Part II to that one except not all of these involve miniskirts. This time round it's simply retro gals in Santa Claus outfits. The images, perhaps, aren't as good as last time, but I hope you'll find it interesting nonetheless.

The cost of electronics back in the day always floors me.  This little record player and speaker set would cost $2155.33 today, adjusted for inflation!

I posted a picture of Elvira in her Santa outfit in a previous post. Well, here's another photo - similar, but slightly different.

This next image is the cover to the magazine/newsletter for Playboy bunnies during the heyday of the Playboy Club.


I posted a couple pictures of Loni Andeson in her Santa suit in a previous post. Here's another one from The Jayne Mansfield Story.

Here's Redd Foxx looking like a yuletide pimp alongside Lola Falana.

Did you know that nearly all of the early Esquire covers featured this little elderly dude? He was the magazine's mascot in the early days, and I believe his name was Squire.


Okay, let me get this straight - there's a chick in a sexy Santa suit in between two dudes in their underwear, and the one in the grippies is winking at me knowingly.  Am I jaded for automatically thinking there's going to be a sweaty Mrs. Claus sandwich in about five minutes?

image via LP Cover Lover

I apologize for the horrible quality of this next image, but it was taken from a very old newspaper.  I found it interesting because this Santa was collecting money for charity and found that having two sexy helpers really boosted donations (big surprise).  However, the local government cracked down on Kris Kringle and his "assistants" and said the outfits were too revealing. Final score: Charity 0, Assholes 1.

This 1978 Charo album can be found at Ernie (Not Bert), an excellent yuletide music blog.

A Man Out of Time has a good collection of vintage Christmas pinups

This sexy Santa courtesy Arthur Ignatowski

I have a 1974 comic book which has a Teen Titans story featuring Wonder Girl in a Santa outfit. I thought I'd share.

These two xmas babes ain't dressed like Santa, but it's close enough for me. Merry Christmas!


  1. Blimey, Redd Foxx looks seriously dodgy in that photo!

  2. What is going on in that BVD ad?

  3. The Esquire Magazine mascot was "Esky." Wotta stoopid name...

  4. Oh yeah! Feeling all Christmassy now...

  5. Great selection of Pics. I especially love the Red Foxx picture and the Charo album cover. Also the last picture seems to have Charlie McCarthy in it. It's so hard for me to resist making a wood joke, but it is Christmas.

  6. Thanks for the positive comments from everybody. If anybody would know the real name of the Esquire it would be Keith, the proprietor of The Dino Lounge!