Ads #28: Home Appliances!

I've always marvelled at these old advertisements picturing a woman absolutely wetting herself over a simple home appliance. If you've ever spent any time looking through old newspapers and magazines, it becomes abundantly clear that what your woman wants for Christmas is appliances and MORE appliances! 

The 1969 ad below basically says she'll make sweet love to you every time she runs the dishwasher! (Or she'll have hot steamy sex with Santa while you're at work - I'm not reall sure what the ad is trying to illustrate.) Anyway, you get the point - women wanted appliances for Christmas, and they wanted them bad. 

Here's a newsflash, folks - the reason these women look so happy over a simple appliance is because THEY WERE THAT HAPPY.   These women worked their butts off cooking, cleaning, and maintaining the household while their husbands flirted with the secretary and played golf were at the office. Ever tried to do laundry with no washer and dryer? There was a lot of work involved that you probably aren't even aware of - for instance, these women had to change out the drip pan under the ice box every hour. There were no easy-cook meals, and no such thing as wash and wear - you had to iron everything. Any appliance that could make life just a little bit easier was something to get really excited about.

Enjoy a sampling of hysterical wives and their new appliances. For an extensive set of advertisements check out the Flickr group I Love My Electric Appliance!!


  1. I've been enjoying writing about these Christmas ads all month! You have some amazing ones here - and I agree, after what women went through before the appliances existed, they were pretty happy to see them. It would take a whole day just to do laundry. And even with the early washing machines you had to stand there and feed things through the mangle, etc etc. Fun times!

  2. No matter what you think of the sexual politics, you just can't look at that Hoover ad and not go, "Wow! That art is beyond awesome!"

  3. If my husband gave me a Dyson ball vacuum for Christmas, I would make all his erotic dreams come true. Just sayin'.

  4. I would KILL to own the Christmas-themed dress worn by Hooverwoman, but I can't say I'm surprised that the fridge/cooker/sink combo never became popular.

  5. The wrapping paper in photo one appears to be the fabric of the dress in photo two!

    I am a very practical woman, I received my red Kitchen Aid mixer for Christmas two years ago :)

    However, I draw the line at toasters and vacuum cleaners! It would be so easy to bash the toaster against someone's face upon opening, lol. :D

  6. Its true that the dish washing take too much time of your day.