Mini Skirt Monday #29: Santa's Helpers

Decorating trees, hanging stockings, putting up lights, opening presents, etc. These are all great traditions of Christmas, but so is the time honored tradition of dynamite chicks in dressing up in short Santa skirts.  What's the origin of this age old custom? I think it goes back to Mrs. Claus - we tend to picture her as an elderly woman; of the Aunt Bea variety.  Well, she wasn't always old. Once upon a time, Mrs. Kris Kringle was a stone cold fox!

So, in honor of this sacred tradition, here's a gallery of Santa's Helpers decked out in their Christmas best. Merry Christmas!   

Vera Ellen

Vicky Becker (1946)

from the movie Rabid (1977)

Catherine Bach

Tina Louise

Jane Frazee

Beverly Adams

1945 (image source)

Note: the first 4 of these images are recycled from a post last year called "Dressed for Christmas"


  1. Red trimmed with lace is the simple, timeless look for the ladies to pose in, I guess.

    Love the Catherine Bach shot!

  2. There's something rather skeevy about a picture of three men with a prone woman accompanied by the words "Ding Dong Dandy."

    That phone ad is so hilariously misogynistic. "Yeah, the broads, they never shuts up. Get her an extension so she'll jabber to her friends in the other room while you're trying to watch the friggin' game."

  3. I'm lovin' the first one with several gals. The Salsoul Christmas album has a woman in a green mini, but the CD has changed to a Mrs. Clause look. Check it out at Salsoul Christmas over at my place.

  4. Vera Ellen always knocked me out. Great legs.
    The Christmas Disco cover looks kind of weird. Why is her skirt sticking up like that? Maybe a big surprise for Santa.
    " Ho ho ho! What have you got under the mini for Santa? What the...OH MY GOD! Santa don't swing that way!"

  5. Suddenly, I feel very festive! :)

  6. Christmas Disco?? Really?

    I remember the Ferrante & Teicher album!My dad had that one- my parents saw them in concert in 1977!!