Mini Skirt Monday #30: The 1980s

The heyday of the miniskirt was without question the late sixties to the early seventies.  But let us not forget that minis had an all too brief comeback in the eighties as well.  It was to a much lesser extent and short lived - but who's complaining? Let's take a look at some images from when mini skirts were rad.


  1. Dang I love the 80s! I fell in love with my wife because of her denim miniskirt and great legs.

  2. Actually, the mini skirt didn't have a brief comeback in the 80s: It was around for most of the decade and beyond.

    My teenage years were the 80s and I remember the big hullaballoo about them coming back into fashion in late 1981. From 1982 to 1983 they were everywhere, then things became a mixture of short and long from 1984-86 before they became the MUST HAVE fashion item of 1987 and through to the end of the decade. Early to mid 80s minis were flared and called "ra ra skirts" whereas late 80s minis were slim fitting or had lycra or spandex in the fabric. Minis continued to be fashionable until 1992 when hemlines dropped to the ankles but that didn't last long and they were back up to mini length from 1994 to 1998. 1998-2001 had things going back just below the knee but soon minis were back from 2002 to the present. And long may they stay.