Ads #25: Awful Christmas Ads

I came across this one at the always entertaining A Man Out of Time.  I'd offer my own opinions on it, but I think AMOoT said it best: "I'm not so disturbed by Papa setting up the train in his seamless-seat underpants, but the image of Junior squeezed inside his bright white "absorbents" — squeezed, in turn, inside that painfully tiny railroad layout — is positively unsettling."

This one gives me chills. It's just wrong in so many ways.

First, there's the fact that Mrs. Claus is not the kindly old lady we're all familiar with. Instead, she's a smoking hot blonde who probably just turned 18!

Then there's the issue of giving an ironing board to your lady for Christmas.  She certainly looks happy to get it, but she's probably just being sarcastic - she's about to jump his shit.  Either that, or St. Nick has brainwashed the poor girl, keeping her isolated at the North Pole, molding her to his liking.

Finally, there's the crazed look on his face.  Maybe I'm just jaded, but it looks like he wants to lay Mrs. Claus down on that ironing board and give her some Yuletide lovin'. Santa gets sort of randy when he's had too much eggnog.


  1. Hey there. How are you today? I hope you've been enjoying the weekend. Take care. Have a great week ahead. Cheers!

  2. Women love to get appliances for Christmas. My uncle gave my aunt a vacuum cleaner as a x-mas gift. She became so thrilled she threw it at him from the top of the stairs and nearly knocked him over.
    Ain't love grand.

  3. Sit down ironing? Not on my watch mister.

  4. I agree with the first pic. Could be a dad who is trying to put together junior's Christmas gift late at night. Would explain the get up. Junior himself is just being freaking weird!

    And yeah, both Santa and "Mrs. Claus" (my ass) are both reacting the wrong way to the gift of an ironing board!

  5. Everyone in these ads is reacting very oddly, so there has to be a backstory. Always, always, there is a backstory. It's just - we'd all rather not know what it is.

    The holidays sure brings out the inner weirdo in folks!

    I am going to RT this because I do believe everyone should enjoy these disturbing ads ;)

  6. If my husband gave me an ironing board for christmas he would end upp wearing it before all was said and done!

  7. Santa the Letch and Billy, the Underwear Engineer.

    Good lord, these are frightening.

  8. I think that first ad would be classified as child porn nowadays.

    And, please, don't be so naive: that isn't Mrs. Claus, that's "Mrs." Claus, the little blonde hottie Santa has stowed away in a North Pole condo. Sure, he tells Mrs. Claus he's just going to "check on the elves," but she knows what's what. She doesn't care, though, because she's got it going on with Father Time. Such is the web of lies and deceit the Claus marriage is based on.

  9. 1. The top ad is just 13 different shades of wrong. I get a "NAMBLA" feeling from it. ICK.

    2. Is it just me or does she look as though she's going to hit Santa with that lovely ironing board?