Ads #26: Christmas Ads

This man gives her a Christmas bouquet and she puts it on her head?  He needs to stop staring and make her stop. Spare her the further embarassment of being seen in public wearing holiday vegetation on her head. His expression says, "Oh my God in Heaven, this crazy bitch just put it on her head. I could run screaming or just nod and smile.Think, man, think!...."

This next ad from my 1953 Ladies' Home Journal looks innocent enough.  What could possibly be the problem with this one? Read it.

I stand in total awe at the segues within this little ad.  Feminine hygiene gets shamelessly worked into the discussion at every turn...

1. How to choose just the right Christmas gifts? Just give dad a crummy I.O.U. that says you'll give him 20 shoe shines. Oh, and by the way, recommend Kotex sanitary napkins to your sister.

2. Be careful who you ride home with after a Christmas party; he could be crazy or drunk. Oh, and by the way, use Kotex sanitary napkins to prevent another type of "accident".

3. If you're too thin and flat chested to be considered attractive, cover it up with a draped bodice and a stole. Oh, and by the way, Kotex comes in three sizes.

[image #2 via jonwilliamson.com]


  1. Santa sure has thin ankles. Why is he plugging his ear, though?

    "Merry" is certainly one way to describe Ms. Holly-Hair over there.

  2. yes why is it feminine hygiene products make everything okey dokey?

  3. The guy looking at the gal with herb hair is thinking "What fun she'll be if I can get her into my bed!"