Retrospace Predictions for 2010

The beauty of a prediction is that when they inevitably don't come true, no one will remember you said it.  Who saves or rereads their magazines a year or so later? Almost nobody.... and so their failures go unnoticed, but they are quick to remind you of the ones they got correct..Well, I read old magazines - I read them thirty or forty years later and can see what a ridiculous racket this whole thing is. Here's a typical example (from 1967):

Grace Kelly stopped making movies for good in 1956. She started one in 1982 but died.... I wouldn't say this is a good prediction. Also, Frank Sinatra did have a son.... but he was born in 1944.  And worst of all - George Hamilton did not marry Lady Bird Johnson!

I'm especially fond of reading through Lillian Cosby's predictions in the 70's. Here's a few...

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Wow. These are real bad.  First of all, she's saying that, even though Nixon was impeached, he's still running things from the White House and will be back in the headlines. Wrong.

I guess she was right about Jimmy Walker. His entire career did change when he became unemployed a few years later.

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Predicting that Wallace would move into a national position would seem a safe bet - he'd been running for president since the 1960's.  A couple years after this prediction, Wallace tried again and lost. Prediction FAIL.

I don't get this Tony Bennett prediction. Is this some sort of veiled threat?

Many of you are familiar with the Criswell from Plan 9 from Outer Space, or at least Tim Burton's Ed Wood. Well, the world famous Criswell made a prediction I can get behind.... BOTTOMLESS!

Will insects rule the world? Read this article by clicking to enlarge or download.

And finally, did you know that 1956 will be year that changes the world? I mean, ALL FOUR of the greatest prophesies will come true this year! What prophecies, you ask? Just send your name and address and I'll send you a free pamphlet.


  1. The prediction was for George Hamilton to wed LYNDA Bird Johnson, daughter of Lady Bird and Lyndon B. They dated for a few months in 1966. The idea of George carrying on with Lady Bird is a hoot, though.

  2. have you heard the Criswell Predicts record? verrry funny!...

  3. Wow, we beat the Russians to the Moon by a matter of hours..and days...and months, years, decades, they'll get there someday.

  4. Stacia beat me to my comment!!

    Tony Bennett made his living singing - I think it was a warning against the dreaded "loss of voice" more than a threat against his life...

  5. My favorite blown prediction was from a New York Times piece dated December 29, 1970. In it, the writer predicted the failure of a certain theme park under construction in Orlando, Florida. This boob said Disneyworld's Magic Kingdom would tank because there already was a Disneyland in California and no one would travel to the swamplands of Florida to vacation.

    I wonder if this buffoon is still employed with the paper. As the captain said in the awesome movie The Departed, "the world needs plenty of bahtenders".

  6. My bad. I misread the Lady Bird Johnson prediction. Woops.

    I was making a poor attempt at humor in regards to the Tony Bennett prediction; "he must watch his throat" sounded like it could be a threat. Not too funny, I know. It was late when I wrote it - my sense of humor becomes warped when I'm tired.

  7. So where are your predictions for 2010? I swear I'll forget them as soon as I read them.