Trivia Newton-John #13

Are you ready for a holiday edition of Trivia Newton-John? All 3 questions will pertain to a staple of holiday TV viewing for over a decade, the Andy Williams Christmas specials. The rules are simple: be the first to put ALL the right answers in the comments section and you get an award to place proudly in your sidebar.  Good luck!


We have a winner! The Footwashin' Rock Baker has answered all three correct. Collect your award, sir. Well played.

For everyone else, even though you're a bit too late, I encourage you to try your hand at the questions. I don't post the answers (they're in the comments section) so that you can try to get them yourself.

Question #1: What is the name of the kid the arrow is pointing to?

Question #2: Who did this woman murder? Give his full name.

Question #3: From left: Bob, Andy, ______ and Don. Fill in the blank.

When someone gets all 3 answers correct, I will give the winner the TNJ Award and, if you've got a blog, I'll post a link to it.


  1. 1)Donnie Osmond
    2)'Spider' Sabitch

  2. YES! Congratulations, I'll post your award. Great job!

  3. Damn, I knew all those answers and even posted about Claudine the other day!

    My question is - the guy with the glasses in the first picture. No way that guy could get an on camera spot now, no matter how well he sang and danced!!

  4. Dang! Another contest over before I even got here!

    Merry Christmas anyway!