Twisted Impressions #2: Laverne on Shirley

Get your mind out of the gutter - it's not what you're thinking. I know there's always been a subtle sexual tension between Laverne and Shirley, but that's no reason to jump to conclusions. There's probably a rational explanation for all this.... please, God, tell me DeFazio and Feeney aren't going at it!

Good Lord. Everybody just stay calm.  Laverne & Shirley was only a porno in your mind - nothing ever really happened between the two roommates.... right? (ahem) Well, now that I think about it....

In one episode where they think they're going to die in a plane crash, Shirley grabs Laverne and plants a passionate kiss on her, full on the mouth.

And I always just assumed the big "L" on all of Laverne's clothing stood for "Laverne" - it very well could've stood for "Lesbian"..... I'm just thinking out loud here, folks.

....and what exactly does "Schlemiel, Schlamazel, Hassenpfeffer Incorporated" mean? Could it be some sort of lesbian code?

And in the opening credits, Laverne literally comes out of the closet - assisted by Shirley opening the door. Could this be a not-so-subtle clue?

"But Shirley had a boyfriend" you say. This is true - I won't argue with that. Shirley was dating Carmine Ragusa for several seasons. But whatever became of "The Big Ragu"? I'll tell you what became of him: He became a dancer on Broadway! You do the math.


  1. And don't forget the key line of their theme song: "We're gonna do it *our* way ...."

  2. oh dear. laverne and shirley as lesbians? oh dear oh dear.

  3. On 'WKRP' once, Mr. Carlson turned on a motel TV and gaped in shock as we heard X-rated groaning. His wife in the bathroom called "What is THAT?" and he quickly replied "...Laverne and Shirley!" So, yeah...

  4. I'm more disturbed that L & S have not retained any semblance of their original looks. Not that I have, but I'm not in the "business"...

  5. Add to this the fact that years later Laverne went on to do K-Mart commercials with none other than queen lesbian herself "Rosie O'Donnel"

  6. First of all, Shirley kissing Laverne on the plain crash WAS very...gay. I wouldn't be surprised if Shirley had a crush on Laverne.

    Second of all, I'm pretty sure the L stood for Laverne. If it stood for lesbian, wouldn't Shirley have one too? Then again, maybe Shirley is too shy to get a shirt with an L on it. That would also confuse the many fans of the show that don't know what a lesbian is.

    Third of all, Schlemiel, Schlamazel, Hassenpfeffer Incorporated is not some sort of lesbian code. I used to know what it meant and I forgot, but its not a lesbian code. I know I was disappointed when I found out.

    Fourth of all, the thing with Laverne coming out of the closet seemed kind of gay. I'll agree with you on that.