Important Things to Know #5

I'd like to take a moment to thank the Retrospace research team (pictured above) for all the hard work they do here at Retrospace on a daily basis. (Well, except for Clarke (far left), he's a constant nuisance and needs to be let go.) A big thanks to the team for compiling yet another list of Important Things to Know. Good work, gang!

Anthony Perkins lost his virginity to Victoria Principal.

Sex therapist, Dr. Ruth Westheimer was trained as a sniper when she lived in Israel, and can assemble a submachine gun blindfolded.

Jesse Jackson performed the ceremony at Casey Kasem's 1980 wedding.

In 1978, on his way to a job interview with the Seattle Humane Society, Far Side cartoonist Gary Larson ran over a dog.

CHiPs star, Erik Estrada wears a piece of his first son's umbilical cord in a locket around his neck.

The Tonight Show theme was written by Paul Anka, and he gets 200 bucks every time it's played.

James Garner got a Purple Heart for being shot in the ass while jumping into a foxhole in Korea.


  1. If you're not burned out with all this award stuff stuff yet here is one from me to you. I do not like to throw these things around too much but I like this one. Under no obligation from me to accept it or spread it around like the swine flu, but I like the way this one looks :)



    Sorry not leaving many comments these days. I am still a believer.

  2. Much appreciated! I left a comment on your post.

  3. I think I lost my virginity to Victoria Principal also! Oh wait...

  4. I did not know about Gary Larson. That is hysterical. Well, except to the dog...

  5. I wonder if Gary Larson did a Far Side cartoon re: the dog incident? I wouldn't be surprised.

  6. "Anthony Perkins lost his virginity to Victoria Principal."
    I think what you mean is that she was the first *woman* he got with. It's pretty well known that Perkins got around with the men quite a bit before he decided to become a "family man".