Mini Skirt Monday #31: Minis on TV

The early to mid-seventies were primetime for minis to make their appearance on the Boob Tube. Since it was considered the "In Fashion" at the time, mini skirts were popping up all across the dial. Okay, maybe not Little House on the Prairie, Grizzly Adams or The Waltons... but you get my meaning.

Let's take a look at some mini-skirt sightings from television starting with The Pat Paulsen Half Hour Comedy Hour.  Many of you may remember Pat from his appearances on The Smothers Brothers and his numerous runs for the presidency.  He had a short lived show of his own that wasn't too shabby. One recurring skit involved Pat as a Mr. Wizard type character who instructs a young miniskirted lass and her idiotic boyfriend in the miracles of science. Inevitibly, the boyfriend wound up electrocuted, frozen solid, or drowned by the  experiments; meanwhile Pat was making the moves on the young bimbo.

Surprisingly, you wouldn't catch Susan Dey in a miniskirt very often on The Partridge Family; however, you could rely on David Cassidy having mini-skirted groupies and girlfriends episode after episode.

Laverne & Shirley dress up as maids to get into Fabian's hotel room. Wacky hijinks ensue.

You remember Emmy Jo on the New Zoo Revue, right? If not, check out a post I wrote on Emily Peden, a first crush for many a school age boy in the 70's. M'lady Emily wore a mini skirt every single show. For that, she deserves some sort of honor here at Retrospace.

About just as reliably as Emmy Jo and Uhura from Star Trek, Mary Hartman would be wearing the mini skirt. How in the wide world of sports this series is not on DVD is beyond me - only a segment of the first season has been released so far. What gives?

The mini skirt trend had faded by the time Buck Rogers in the 25th Century came out in the late seventies. Fortunately, it was set far in the future, presumably to a time where mini-skirts are back in vogue. Gene Roddenberry would be proud.

And here's one more for the road. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. All really great pics! Laverne & Shirley had great legs, didn't they?

    But that skirt on the girl in the 'future', on Buck Rogers? Wow, that is one MINI mini!!! If she sneezes, Buck gets quite the show! Welcome to the future, Mr. Rogers!

  2. i like your collage with those pictures in the top, RETROSPACE.

  3. You do mini skirts on TV and leave out STAR TREK?!?!?

  4. Buzz- actually, not an oversight. I mentioned Star Trek in the post; however, this post is by no means definitive. Stick around for many more mini skirts on TV to come.

    I think the mother-of-all-minis on TV Award would have to be Logan's Run the series.... but that's for another post.

    But, your right. There was no bigger a connoisseur of miniskirts than Mr. Roddenberry. His movie Pretty Maids All in a Row trumps even Star Trek in that department. But I digress.

  5. Yeah, but look how uninterested Major Nelso looks...I can't decide who was more apathetic about their hot TV wife - Darrin Stevens or Major Nelson...

  6. Barbara, Darrin and Maj. Nelson were experts in the art of Tantric. Don't take that away from them.

  7. Is it just me, or do the two people on either side of Buck Rogers look like Emmy Jo and Doug?

  8. AnonymousMay 09, 2010

    Ah, Emmy Jo. The one reason why Big Brother would always make sure my two sister never missed NZR.