Mini Skirt Monday #32: Minis on Campus (Part 3)

In the United States miniskirts came on college campuses around 1968; before that, they were few and far between. The mini reigned supreme until the early 70's, when the dirty hippie look took over and the miniskirt was vanquished.  However, there were miniskirts a plenty in high schools for a year or so longer.

Let's take a look at mini skirts from this time-frame in places of higher learning. From sorority houses to the science club, there were mini-skirts up the yin yang. Guys back then didn't know what to with themselves, I'm sure. Even the radio & electronics club was infiltrated...

 What these two guys are doing behind the piano is their business, and their business alone.

When a guy appears lost in thought and introspective, don't be fooled. He's not contemplating the meaning of life; it's something more like the picture below.

None of my college classes looked remotely like this. Maybe it was a blessing - I don't think I was emotionally equipped to handle walking into this sort of classroom. I'd probably have gotten on my knees and cried.

This is a picture of the drama club. I don't know if those two guys are students or faculty, but their stares both seem to say, "You know damn well you wish you were me right now."

I want to take this moment to share this with you: From 1969 to 1971, this is what all the ladies wore. No exceptions. Pants were not acceptable yet; not until the hippie jeans took over. And long dresses were deemed out of style and overly conservative. So, if the guys in these pictures look really happy or extremely preoccupied, that's why.

I'm guessing the male professors had to splash themselves with cold water periodically. My guess is they often lost concentration and stammered like blithering idiots.

Of course, the reverse was often the case, where male students dealt with female faculty also wearing miniskirts. It would inspire them to come to class, but I'm sure they often lost focus.

For the ladies, the mini-skirt couldn't have been the most comfortable thing to wear on a daily basis. Even worse, you had to be extremely cautious about revealing too much - bending over even slightly or forgetting to cross your legs could give an audience an eyeful.


  1. Those two guys in the drama class? Yeah, they weren't thinking of girls. Really.

  2. I was definitely born too late and yes that picture by the goal post could have been taken from my mind for sure.

  3. When Women where and looked so femenine!

  4. Oh how I remember those childhood years when every girl - 90 percent of them at least - wore dresses and skirts to school that showed off their thighs and frequently their undies (when sitting, reaching above their head, running, or jumping). That HAD to take some credit for making boys into men! It seems much has been lost as our society gradually succeeded in getting the girls to dress and act more like boys.