Mini Skirt Monday #33: Modeling the Mini

Here's a little collection of fashion photographs from 1968-1972 featuring mini-skirts. No well known celebs or super models in this gallery - only local zero-budget fashion pages. If you're a fan of the miniskirt or just enjoy looking at nameless babes who are now in their sixties (SHEESH! I'm getting old), read on. Otherwise, skip to the next post.... I won't take offense.

I apologize for the low quality of some of these photographs, but several are on old, faded newspaper that is lucky to still be intact.

image source


  1. man... we do not have anything that even approaches this kind of sheer sexiness in women's fashion these days. this kinds of thing makes me wax nostalgic for the "good old days..." what war? what social upheaval? you had miniskirts!

  2. Join the crowd Mr. Ridiculous. As a woman, I would gladly wear stuff like this. Now you have to be grungy or just pure slutty. It's sad.

  3. you don't HAVE to be anything. you can wear stuff like this all you want! you can wear whatever you like, who's stopping you?

  4. exactly! part of the problem is that people are still slaves to fashion. it is a top-down dfriven market. i, fortunately, live in south france near the italian border, so women are much better dressed, read much classier, than most other places in europe or north america. *cough* the UK *cough* the US *cough* but they still wait for the designers to develope something "new" and exciting... i say let there be a grass-roots, mini-skirt revolution! go for the "tried and true" sexy! short or nothing!