Twisted Impressions #4

This vintage German hosiery ad gives me the chills. I'm sure it was unintentional, but for God's sake, did no one proof this ad? Did it not occur to anyone in the process that this looks really disturbing at first glance? This next one I think was intentional...

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This one comes from Millionaire Playboy's top 7 unintentionally gay comic book covers.  The lake is teeming with naked boys and Robin can't wait to jump in!.Meanwhile, The Man of Steel and The Dark Knight exchange "should we?" glances. Classic. 

(image source) This may be my favorite. "I've robbed the rainbow to make you gay."  I've never used this text acronym before, but no time like the present. Here goes.... LMAO!

And last but not least.... this may take you a few seconds.

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  1. "gayer garments".. hahahaha

  2. That German ad is VERY upsetting. The whole composition. The leather strap chair. The kid sittting with his arm hanging limp at his side as he looks up at the looming father figure. But he has no eyes! It's like a weird painting. Part of Norman Rockwell's 'Repressed Memories and Nightmares' series. This one is called 'Lederhosen of Shame'.

    In the 50s Dr. Frederick Wertham wrote a book called "The Seduction of the Innocent." He claimed that comics caused juvenile delinquency and Batman and Robin promoted homosexuality. Wertham with the help of Senator Estes Kefauver
    brought about the Comics Code Authority.
    I always thought they were crazy but after seeing that cover I think they may have been on to something. (The image of Batman skinny dipping with his mask and cape still on will now haunt me forever.)

  3. Oh wow. This may be one of your best posts ever! Freaking hilarious!!!

  4. I must be especially slow today as it did take me a few minutes to figure out the Archie comic...and then I chuckled.

    Yes, the Kotex ad implies the two are whispering about this unmentionable subject.

    The no-eyed little boy in the first ad - good god, that's a scary one.

    Always knew Robin was gay. Batman was a pedophile.

    As for the "gay" ad, my father used to get so pissed that the word "gay" now meant "homosexual". It really, really annoyed him. "It used to be such a happy word". As you say, LMOA!!

  5. Actually, Barbara, I'm getting a very strong lesbian vibe from the Kotex ad. Maybe that's just my sick mind playing tricks on me, but my first thought was "these chicks are about to make out".

  6. ... the reality is that homosexuality was no where near the surface of most people's reality.
    It was just not thought of much.

  7. This post reminds me of an issue of the Richie Rich digest I had when I was around...oh...12 or so. I was SO SURE that Richie's mother's 'naughty bits' were on display on the front cover that I threw it in the garbage in a hardware store, lest my mother see it. It was some poolside image and it looked to me like her swimsuit had a hole in the groinal region.

    I'd love to see it now and try and figure out what all that fuss was about. I'm sure I was just seeing things in a very incorrect way. :p