Just For Laughs: 15 Cracked Magazine Covers

As an adult, I can perhaps appreciate MAD magazine as the better quality humor mag over Cracked; however, back in the day, I lived and died for the next issue of Cracked.  This magazine was like crack cocaine for me and my elementary/middle school friends. It trumped MAD because it rarely dealt with politics or adult oriented films. Instead, it centered on (1) monsters, (2) Star Wars and (3) sitcoms like Mork & Mindy.  What more could a boy growing up in the 1970's ask for?

I've scanned 15 covers (and one Star Wars themed back cover) for your viewing enjoyment. Visit my Flickr set to view them at full size.

Update [3/10/13] I realize the Flickr slideshow viewer sucks.  I'll have a rehash of this post coming before too long with a better way to view these old covers.


  1. Severin. Was. God. Plain and simple. That fact alone had me pass on "Mad" and shell out my pennies for "Cracked" just about every time. Thanks for the posts!

  2. ummm... dare i ask how mork is levitating his castle? or is it just me and my sick mind?

  3. Cracked has a fun website these days- still lots of "Star Wars"!

  4. You would not always find Mad Magazine So your very good number two Was Cracked, By the way showing how great my dad was, He was the one who first showed me Mad magazine and Cracked.. When ever we would visit the magazine section he would buy me a copy....

    A not to those out there with living parents, Remember the good times now. Talk about them with your parents. My mom and dad are gone. I often wonder what I am missing, You need to experience it before you miss it.