2 Songs About Something (#7): Being Completely Lost

1. "Destination Unknown" by Missing Persons

I'll start by saying that Dale Bozzio would eat Lady Ga Ga for a snack. Message to Lady Ga Ga: try again.

And here's the rub: Missing Persons was never really critically appreciated as a legitimate band, yet they were chock full of talent.  Nearly every member of the group worked with Frank Zappa at one time or another.  Plus, their music, given the benefit of the doubt, is actually quite impressive - a lot more melodic and original sounding than what comes on the radio today.

Too bad Bozzio had to go to the slammer for animal cruelty.

Download here

2. "Can't Find My Way Home" by Blind Faith

How strange that a supergroup as big and successful as this would choose for the debut album cover a topless prepubescent girl holding a phallic looking spaceship. Add to that - no text on the cover announcing who they were.  Can you imagine this sort of suicidal marketing plan by the big record companies of today? Not a chance. 

What role Clapton, Winwood and Baker had in its choosing, I don't know; however, the music within is solid gold from beginning to end. 

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  1. Missing Persons is fantastic. Got the album Spring Session M and I thought another, but I can't ID it. Love them. Wasn't aware of the animal cruelty thing.

    Blind Faith's cover has always disturbed me, but the music inside is excellent. Steve Winwood was at the last Clapton's Crossroads Festival and played several of these songs. I was in tears by the end of the set, it was so beautiful. And I only saw it on DVD, if I'd been there in person who knows how I'd have reacted.

  2. Actually the person who could have eaten them both on dry toast, never needing a drink to wash it down, would have been the late Wendy O'Williams.

  3. Even as a child I found that BLIND FAITH cover amazingly innocent and beautiful. I read an interview with the girl a few years ago and she said she was still cool with it but always figured after she did it that since she was on his album cover, Eric Clapton would come to her house and he never did!