Vintage Style #10

The gaudiness of Vegas collides with the gaudiness of the 1970's resulting in a band with an unprecedented level of fashion dysfunction.   I give you...... The Dave Bunker Show! (applause)

I don't mean to ridicule Mr. Bunker (that's him with the beard); he was a talented musician who built his band's unique looking guitars himself. It's just unfortunate that Vegas and the 1970's had to intersect squarely on his band. Tragic, really.

I'm being facetious, of course. There were lots of bands in Vegas around this time (not to mention lounge acts around the country) who looked very similar to The Dave Bunker Show.  No, his band was not exceptional - it was the norm.

I guess this is what fascinates me so much about the 1970's.  I can understand the fashions of every decade since the dawn of mankind - I can see how they might have been fashionable or attractive, even though they are antiquated.  I can understand the medieval attire, the Roman toga, the Victorian and Edwardian black, 18th century aristocratic ostentation.... but I cannot fathom, my mind cannot wrap around the fashions of the 70's!

So, you can imagine my feeling of helplessness and despair when I look upon the zenith in 1970's fashion tomfoolery - the lounge act.  My mind becomes so overwhelmed and disoriented, it's not uncommon for me to black out. My brain just shuts down - it can't handle the stimuli.


My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?


  1. "That's him with the beard" but they both have beards. I suppose you mean the larger of the two.

    When I see the first picture I think of Vegas and the 70s mixed with a generous side dish of The South.

  2. I had the white suit. I had the multicolored print shirt with the wide collars. I had the longish hair (although I drew the line at getting it styled). It was what everybody was wearing. What were we thinking? We were thinking, my how stylish we look, how up to date. We weren't thinking, you know, 30 years from now we'll think we look ridiculous. I mean, we did look ridiculous, but only in hindsight.

  3. Capewood, you are right on...we didn't really think anything of it. That's what was in style back then and we all thought we looked okay. Sure, some of the stuff is cringe-worthy, but we didn't know it!

  4. Those guitars, um, ah, er, I guess that's why they're called "axes". Um, OK, right. They wouldn't be smashed after the show, at least not physically... :)

  5. Somebody please check Mr. Bunker's lineage to see if he is related to Abraham Lincoln. All he needs is a top hat.

  6. My husband wants to know when the Amish learned how to score bimbos and is that an electric dulcimer.

  7. OTOH, the grumpy old farts of 1975, 90-plus as they may be now, must feel quite smug at their vindication by history.


  8. You could go hang-gliding with those collars!

  9. Amazing...

    BTW, these images are so compressed they look like crayon drawings.

  10. That period between 1967 or so to about 1980 is unlike other periods. You're not going to look at a picture of a guy in a suit from 1958 or a woman in a cocktail dress from 1961 and think "Those clothes are hideous". Maybe it was drugs, I don't know, but some of those fashions that were big in the 70's were real headshakers....even to some people back then!

  11. that aqua net went straight to their head. and their hair.