Album Covers #12: Family Movie Night in the 70's

There is absolutely no discernable reason whatsoever that this family should be naked. There's nothing on this album that would in any way make this cover seem appropriate. Enoch Light is basically an easy listening band leader with no business putting a nude family on the cover of his album of movie themes! (but I love it anyway). Chalk it up to the age of streaking.

That poor little kid. I'm glad they had him looking up - a look down into daddy's lap could've been a little traumatizing.  I remember the gym locker rooms as a kid - a bunch of hairy old geezers walking around with their sagging ball sacks on full display. Put a towel on for chrissake!

Interesting that they thought to put the "this album is rated G" text on the front.  In other words, nevermind that there's a man and woman butt ass naked on the cover (we did that strictly for album sales), the record is safe for the whole family to enjoy!


  1. The man and the kid look like they are drugged or something. The woman looks frightened to me, like maybe she's being held there against her will. The guy does have a good grip on her knee. And who would want to walk around in a movie theater in their bare feet? Yuck!

  2. I didn't realize that Light and his Brigade managed to keep recording, even for a no-name label, as late as 1970, but then, "easy listening" was still a commercially viable radio format then and for another decade or so...the long shadow of the Tijuana Brass covers, WHIPPED CREAM and other cheesecake, is evident here...and if that isn't a nudist family, it's likely the kid wasn't in the theater with the adults...even in 1970. Barefoot in a theater, even with the popcorn and such, might be preferable to listening to this record (my parents have not one but two of the Light Brigade's early '60s LPs).

  3. Your opinion about nudity gives another good hint about how mentality have changed since the 1970. Somehow i am getting from your comment that nudity is something bad that should be avoided at all cost. Even in a mens locker room, and that it would be traumatic for a boy to see his dads..ahem..Willy. :-)

    You can't even see any of their "naughty bits" on the cover, so i find your comment a bit harsh? Of course it's a bizarre cover, but still..

    Maybe the nudity is because of the word "Light"? Like "Travel light" for example?.

  4. Robolasse- My opinion has been pretty constant since the 70's: attractive woman naked = good
    old wrinkley man naked = bad

    When I'm old (which is pretty much now) and things start to sag and shrivel, I plan on toweling up.

    However, I guess maybe I'm going overboard when I say the kid's going to need therapy for seeing his dad's possibly erect penis; however, it's still an unpleasant visual.

  5. I agree that the text is very nude-negative. Children who are brought up in a home where nudity is common and ordinary grow up a LOT less likely to be screwed up that kids who don't. This was a concept we first started seeing in the mainstream in the 70's. Looks like Enoch Light Brigade had an early clue! It amazes me that,all these years later,so many people don't :(

  6. Glen KelleyJanuary 25, 2012

    Gilligan needs therapy. Anything negative about simple nudity is stupid and ignorant. It extinguishes any possible thought that the writer might have any discernable good points to make.

  7. Well said Glen Kelley. There is nothing obscene or traumatizing about the natural human form. Sure its easy to crack jokes about nudity, but the truth is that nobody on the face of the earth, young or old, has ever been harmed mentally or physically by the sight of the nude human body of any age or gender. Period. Those who grow up accustomed to simple nudity lead well balanced lives. This album cover depicts a generation that understood that better than people do today.

  8. I've seen Nat-Geo documentaries where the natives of tropical regions accept nudity as an everyday fact of life and don't give it a second thought. The only reason it has become a taboo in our "civilized" culture is because we made it so by letting religious customs rule our lives. When did nudity become a sin? are all those natives going to Hell? Consider the positive ramifications of a clothing optional world.

  9. AnonymousMay 29, 2012

    This is a cool composition - a true mirror of the uninhibited attitude of the 1970s. In contrary to liberated art degrading modern civilization, the opposite is more true: modern paranoia leading to the castigation of true artistic expression.