Mini Skirt Monday #34: Archie Comics

Poor Millie, she looks lower than last year's hemline. Yes, folks, it was all about the hemline in the late sixties and early seventies, and comic books of that time reflected those styles.  Perhaps nowhere was it more clear than in Archie comics. It was the perfect venue to parade the newest fashions - it took place in contemporary times, and it involved nothing but a bunch of teenagers. Archie was like Cosmo for middle schoolers.

The In Crowd (the mastermind behind I'm Learning to Share) has an excellent Flickr set called Archie Comics of the 1960s as a Mirror to Fads, Fashions and Trends.

Archie comics included a plethora of spin-offs - Jughead had his own comic, as did Betty & Veronica. Plus, there was Sabrina, Millie the Model, Josie & the Pussycats, etc., etc.  All focused on teen lifestyles of the  day. Amazingly, it never resorted to inserting sexual situations beyond the level of kissing (except for the Evangelical Christian issues of Archie, which came the closest, ironically, to including sexual content).  

That being said, Archie and its spin-offs contained its fair share of harmless eye candy for junior high ogling. Here's a few more mini-skirts in Archie spin-offs for your viewing enjoyment. Cheers! 

Gee, I wonder if Warren WEALTHingham is rich. Ya think?

The next image is from a comic book called Harvey. It may be the most shameless of all Archie knock-offs. They didn't even bother changing the hair colors (well the "Betty" lookalike has darker hair). Notice, instead of Jughead there's Goober. I'm surprised no lawsuit stemmed from this. 


  1. I love Archie!! and my girls too. We watch videos on You Tube.

  2. What's not to love? Unless, of course, you're talking about their recent attempt to modernize Archie by drawing them "realistically" and making the stories more edgy. Epic fail.

  3. I thought this was a cool post and deserves more than two comments. Not that my comment adds anything to the discussion.

  4. Indeed. I'll add another comment of my own to make it look like even more.

    Do I hear 5 comments? Anyone?.... Anyone? (crickets chirping)

  5. I always enjoyed the fashion in Archie Comics. As a kid, I thought that when I was a teenager I would grow up to look and dress like Betty and Veronica. Another childhood illusion shattered.

  6. When I was 10, Archie comics were all about drooling over Betty & Veronica in all of those short, short mini skirts & dresses!
    They would sell these Archie Digests at the grocery store checkout lines, and my Mom would let me get one every now & then; they contained reprints of a lot of older issues, especially from the 60's & early 70's (the ones from the 40's & 50's bored me, though, as the chicks were IMO overdressed in them ;).