Mini Skirt Monday #35: Dance Fever

I like to look at an old photograph and try to determine what's going through their head when the picture was taken.  What was this dude in the above image thinking? I think he feels like a douche frolicking in a circle with a bunch of girls. I think he's silently praying for it to be over.

I'm not sure what's going on with these two. They appear to be prancing along some "higher plane of consciousness" if you get my meaning. Kids - don't do drugs.  But if you do, please refrain from dancing. This is what you'll look like.

Okay, the whole "blacks can dance, whites have no rhythm" stereotype is very tired. However, this photograph would seem to prove that theory beyond a reasonable doubt.  As a general rule, Caucasians should never dance in rooms that have good lighting.

Do I have filthy mind that's in the gutter, or did you think of a sexual connotation to this record's title as well?.... I didn't think so. (awkward silence)

So, here's a few more chicks in miniskirts gettin' their groove on...

No one is dancing to the jukebox.... perhaps they're nervous, or too cool. The blonde chick has no partner and she is beckoning you for this dance. Go for it.

Now that's the ticket. Don't be shy. Just shake that moneymaker.


  1. LOL!! I was laughing pretty hard at the comments to these pictues... UNTIL I GOT TO THE LAST ONE.

    Hubba Bubba!!! Ok, that's the best miniskirt-Monday pic. EVER.

    I just canceled going to lunch with my coworkers so I can sit at my desk and stare at it...

  2. apachedug, you think the guy is all that hot?

    The 3 girls standing together, the one on the left looks like Jessica Simpson. Or am I wrong? Better go look up some pictures to make sure I have the right person.

  3. I want the coffee table in that last picture.

  4. Thankfully, Jessica Simpson wasn't even a twinkle in her Daddy's eye when that beautiful photo was snapped! Man, do I love the mini-skirt of long ago. Maybe that was Jessica's mother.

  5. Picture 3 , 2nd girl from the top -- Barbara Cooper Gettin' Down !! Picture 7 - " Will someone please tell the square dancing class that the auditorium is NEXT door ??'