Trivia Newton-John #14

This round of Trivia Newton-John we're asking a very simple question: (1) Who is the woman in the picture above?

The image is from a 1961 issue of Hush Hush magazine.

As usual, once the correct answer is put in the comments, I will award the prestigous Trivia Newton-John award to that person for proud placement in their blog's sidebar.  Good luck and act quick - these are usually answered pretty quickly!

The question has already been answered correctly.  This time the award goes to my main man, Bill at Samsara Samizdat, a blog that features the unique combination of sexy vintage babes and political observations.  Congrats! Here is your award....


  1. To the Editor:

    I WAS going to guess Traci Lords, but she was born after 1961.....

    What about Mom Partridge, Shirley Jones aka Marion the tarty Librarian aka the tarty Tart in Elmer Gantry?

    I remain:
    In a serious crush from back in the day.

    Bill Abendroth
    Samsara Samizdat

  2. You got it! It's amazing that Mrs. Partridge could be confused with Traci Lords, but it's true. She was a hottie.

  3. Wasn't that from her Oscar-winning turn as a prostitute in ELMER GANTRY?

  4. Sorry, dude, but she still is a hottie.

  5. Man, I actually knew that one! I guess I better be quicker on the draw.

  6. Shirley Jones was a beautiful, sexy woman. I wish she'd ditch that Partridge boy haircut. But that's just me.

  7. I wouldn't have recognized her as Shirley Jones here because I always associate her with that Partridge Family look...