Vinyl Dynamite #22: All in the Family (1971)

I must admit, I never really enjoyed All in the Family when it originally aired.  I was a little too young to "get it" - references to Black Panthers and venereal diseases went way over my head.   Rewatching it as an adult, I can appreciate the humor and the quality of writing; however, the content was so topical that it doesn't quite "ring" like it must have in the 1970's. 

That being said, I found myself really enjoying this record.  It's just a bunch of clips from the first season, but great fun to listen to. I hope you'll enjoy it as well. 

Sample track: "Why God Made Hands"

Side One
Those Were the Days Theme
Why God Made Hands
Sweety Pie Roger
A Station Wagon Filled with Nuns
No Ribs?

Side Two
Do You Love Me?
God Is Black
VD Day
Archie's Hangup
Bacon Souffle & Women's Lib
Jury Duty
Shove Yours


  1. I have that album in my collection! It is really funny...especially Archie's rant from Sweetie Pie Roger

  2. I have this too! Its pretty great.

  3. Oh, I remember this one! I also remember smuggling it out of my parents' record collection so I could listen to it.

  4. Oh my God, thanks for this! We wore this record out as kids. My mom will be stoked.

  5. Gilligan, thanks so much for posting this. When 'All in the Family' premiered, I was around 7 (second oldest) & my parents would send us to bed, would not let us watch the show. (But we'd hear them laughing dowstairs, and wonder what was so funny.) In the early seventies, my older brother & I went to spend a weekend at our cool Uncle Shane's place & he had this record in his collection. We asked to listen to it, he said sure why not (not knowing the rules in our house) and we sat up all night laughing!

  6. Apachedug- I think everyone had a cool "Uncle Shane" growing up - a relative who let you watch things your parents wouldn't approve of. I'm still traumatized by the stuff my uncle let me watch.

  7. Wow, I did not even know of this album's existence! We watched this show, I was about 7 also I think, but for some reason my folks let me watch this when there was quite a bit of other shows they wouldn't let me watch. I thought it was funny, but I didn't get most of it. Mainly I just got "Meathead" and the women's lib stuff.

  8. Hey Gilligan, do you remember the short lived spin off "Gloria" from the early 80's... I think. I've had the theme song in my head for 30 something years. No one else remembers it either.

  9. I do remember Gloria, although I've forgotten how the theme song goes.

  10. That "Sweety Pie Roger" episode may be my favorite episode of "All In the Family".

  11. Forgive the double-commenting, but I forgot all about 'Gloria'! You can see the tv theme here:


  12. Holy cow, thank you apachedug! I'm all better now, although hearing the theme song for real gives me a bit of the nostalgic "weird feeling". Hmmm, it hurts so good.

  13. "No Ribs?" Just reading that makes me laugh. I just watched that one a coupla weeks ago. One of the best Archie/Lionel conversations of them all. :)

  14. IMPORTANT: some of this audio comes from alternate takes, etc. of the episodes! It's great. Wasn't there a second, much more rare album, too?