Needlework A Go-Go #3: Knitted Nightmares

What was so abnormal about the needlecraft craze of the 70's? Why do we stare in amazement at the unholy hand weaved creations from this decade? Let me condense it all down for you in one sentence:

In the 1970's, they knitted things that weren't meant to be knitted.

It's as simple as that. If you want to make your own sweater, scarf, or baby booties - go right ahead.  But in the 70's it didn't stop there. They made dresses, vests, toilet seat covers, and bathing suits (!) out of freaking yarn! For more direction on where to draw the line, see the What Not to Crochet blog.

Sometimes when I go to a flea market, I feel like an archaeologist looking for some buried remains of the distant past. Instead of dusting away the sands of a millenium, I'm digging through miles of junk just to land on that one rare artifact.  If you look hard enough, within every flea market is hidden at least a dozen needlecraft books from the 70's and 80's.... and what a find they are.

Here's a few examples. Enjoy!

Wendy looks a tad embarrassed, would you say?


  1. "Timely Toppers"...emphasis on the word Timely!

  2. My 24-year-old daughter has just discovered knitting. She has confined her self to scarves so far. In Southeast Texas you need a scarf about 2 days a year.

  3. You left out two of my crochet favorites!
    I think you will agree these fit right in...


    (have to put second link in another comment)

  4. Here is the other funny crochet gone crazy photo I have!


  5. Marcy, I'm sincerely disturbed by the head cozie. I wish I hadn't seen that - it's sure to cause night terrors.

  6. Oh wow! Top of the pops! Loving the large "booty" pic - it's got Pan's People written all over it!