Needlework A Go-Go #4: Crochet Gone Bad

I know I just posted on this subject, but as I always say, you can never have enough bad crochet posts. I literally have so many of these images that I could post every day till Christmas, and only touch the tip of the crochet iceberg..... my hard drive overfloweth with pictures of bad crochet.

But let's get one thing straight - when I say "bad", I don't mean it in a derogatory way, nor do I mean it in a positive Michael Jackson "I'm Bad" kinda way.  They're bad and good at the same time - it's like light: both a wave and a particle at the same time. It's existential, really. Case in point....

These outfits are horrible! This is what happens when you mix marijuana and yarn. Don't smoke and knit, this is what'll happen...... and yet, I love it! Admit it, wouldn't it be awesome if everyone just said "to hell with it" and dressed with such flair and boldness today?  Everything is so boring now - no risks in color or style, just the same ol' shit year after year. I'd welcome the day when red, orange, and purple hot pants made of yarn comes back in style.

Okay, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that it's easy to love a pair of hot pants - who'd care if it was made of freaking Polish sausage, hot pants are welcome no matter what their style. Good point.

However, I could even go for that godawful mess you see above. Yeah, that's right. I said it. Give me a day when it's cool to wear a yellow and orange crochet vest over a brown sweater! When you are bold and take chances, you will certainly be mocked in future decades.... our current blandness will probably never be mocked, but how boring!

What does disturb me about the picture above is that the man and woman in matching vests are obviously a couple.... yet she is all up on the guy on the left. What gives?

Well, I guess I should stop rambling, and just get to the pictures. Enjoy these incredibly awful/awesome yarn creations!


  1. I'm especially enjoying the crocheted "rug" that the male vest/fancy belt model is wearing for hair in the first picture.

  2. I'm all about the bold fashion statements, but do you walk the walk or just talk the talk? When was the last time you wore a crochet anything? Things are a little boring these days in the fashion world, maybe some color and life is what it needs. There is a trend of recycling old fashions, who knows maybe Crochet will be back in one day.

  3. GoatilocksApril 01, 2010

    And let us not forget that pigtails are sexy, no matter what the decade ...

  4. I actually do like the mint green vest in the first photo for myself...however, never been a fan of the matching clothing couple phenomenon of the 70s.

  5. I spy Cybill Shepard in the first photo.

    As for the girl not grabbing the guy in the matching vest, I picture that matchy guy is dad, and unmatchy guy is boyfriend. Mom crocheted the vests for Christmas presents.

  6. GREAT BLOG Gilligan
    so much stuff, so much
    visual... pics etc
    and yet its all going
    into a space that is less
    than half of the screen

    Ever thought of giving up
    the two side columns
    and posting across the full
    width... then we could really appreciate those great visuals

    something like this
    go here

    scroll down, you ll see
    some of the pic fill the screen

  7. Some of those are knit and not crochet.

    They are still bad, except for the kid one. I would knit it :)

  8. I got a couple of 1970's crochet/knitting magazines for free recently and gladly took them just to blinded by the colors and the fashions of the day.

  9. I just have to add that 2nd pic with the crocheted shorts is seriously hot.

  10. My mom didn't crochet but she did knit me some sweaters in the late 70s and early 80s. I wish that I had kept some of them especially the one that she also made for my 2friends in different colors.

  11. omg the needle craft craze netted me some of the most thickest comfiest afghans given to my mom and I...my moms wedding gifts in 76. and when I was born in 78.. we still use a lot of them still!

  12. I would so wear the shorts! But I'm like 26, so I don't think that counts much. I like the aspect of the long jacket with the matching shorts in the one pic. Wouldn't wear those, but I think the jacket would be nice if it was just styled a little differently with a different color combination... oh, and PANTS!

  13. Excellent post and that's definitely the gorgeous Cybill in the top pic.

  14. Yeah, some of those are actually KNIT, not crochet. Let's keep it real people!

  15. Would that it were accurate, as not all of it is crochet.

  16. Actually it isn't "bad" at all...it's Michael Jackson type of BAD. It is at least way better than today's boring fashion! The 70's people are really creative and brave, even though some of their creations failed...It's not bad to have fun.
    I love the colorful hot pants and the kid one, I would definitely knit them.