Foxy Ladies #10: Elvis' Women

In 2006, Maxim magazine put out this list of the top ten living sex lengends. (yawn)

10. Bill Wyman (Rolling Stones bassist) - 1,000
9. Earvin (Magic) Johnson (basketball star) - 1,000
8. Lemmy Kilmister (Motorhead frontman) - 1,200
7. Jack Nicholson (actor) - 2,000
6. Ilie Nastase (tennis star) - 2,500
5. Engelbert Humperdinck (singer) - 3,000
4. Julio Iglesias (singer) - 3,000
3. Gene Simmons (Kiss frontman) - 4,600
2. Charlie Sheen (actor) - 5,000
1. Umberto Billo (a Venetian hotel porter) - 8,000

 I'm not particularly impressed.... what percentage of their "numbers" were skank? What percentage were prostitutes and crack heads?  I don't know anything about this Venetian hotel porter, but I can guarantee that no one comes close to a man by the name of Elvis Aaron Presley.

You see, his track record may not have 3 zeros by it, but the ladies he's alleged to have been with are the creme of the crop.  Gene Simmons and Charlie Sheen could only dream of the opportunity to get with any one of these gals. He was, after all, The King.

The only person I could compare to Presley would maybe be Frank Sinatra. Perhaps, we'll tackle his "little black book" in another post. For now, take a good long look at Elvis' women. Enjoy.

Cybill Shepard

Juliet Prowse


Linda Thompson: Miss Tennessee 1972 and a regular on Hee Haw

Lori Williams (Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill!)

 Priscilla (of course)

Cassandra Peterson

Teri Garr

Anne Helm

Ginger Alden

Julie Parrish

Peggy Lipton


  1. Each of those ladies is retro-rific and I think you're right; none of the other guys on that list could match this quality/quantity. Sinatra would be close though.

  2. Right On!!!

  3. Well it's nice to know there are some guys who appreciate quality over quantity!

  4. With possibly the exception of Charlie Sheen (who isn't exactly the Catch O' the Day, if you know what I mean LOL!), thinking about "busy," naked old men-body parts is on it's way to ruining my lunch. LOLouder!

  5. Ann-Margret AND Teri Garr?! Thanks, Elvis, for living out my fantasies. (grumble-grumble)

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  7. Hail to the king, baby.

    No, I doubt anyone on that current list or all of them together could match Elvis.

  8. "Roll, roll, roll in ze hay!" Hee.

    I loved the SNL skit where Frank hosted a round table discussion with topics like "Rita Hayworth or Ava Gardner; which one would you rather nail? I gotta disqualify myself 'cause I done 'em both!"

  9. Pretty gals, well known, but what about a mysterious porter Umberto Billo and his millions broken hearts? Who is (was) that novaday Kazanova?

  10. Where did Maxim get it's numbers? Are these self-proclaimed? So the bassist from the Rolling Stones got more girls than the rest of them? Odd indeed. My wife would puke at the thought of Gene Simmons or Jack Nicholson. Julio probably got lots of hot Latinas. Elvis is the man though, it's not about the numbers it's the quality, and really, the quality of the relationship.