Food & Drink #7: Flesh Colored Food Clot

The gastroabomination shown above is called "Molded Shrimp Salad". According to the directions in the February 1969 issue of McCall's, this regrettable dish is made by blending up gelatin, yogurt, mayonnaise and shrimp.... gag, choke!  Fashioning it into the shape of a transmission gear doesn't help either.

Here's a couple more images of awful looking food. Check out the Flickr group "Gee that food looks terrible!" for over a thousand more.

As a commentor on Flickr asked: "What washed up on shore to die?"

Ham and cat vomit wrapped around a celery stalk... delish! 


  1. You'd think the same photographer photographed all these recipes for cookbooks back then eh? But you know what? A lot of what's in those old cookbooks actually turns out really impressively when you make it and looks a lot more appetizing live and in person...

  2. Gnarly. It's amazing what was put into gelatin molds back in the day. I have yet to come across one in my mom's old cookbooks that I'd get my fork near. This shrimp tower of ick is truly regrettable.

  3. My mother made molded salads a lot when I was a kid in the 60's. They were actually pretty good, also nutritious. Also very simple, always served on a bed of lettuce. Never anything like pictured here. (I was deprived of junk food and sweets as a child. Every made from scratch.) Once someone gave me a cole slaw made with lime jello, green pepper and cabbage. Sounds weird - really delicious combo.

  4. AnonymousMay 20, 2010

    This made me laugh so hard I'm in tears. The title alone was enough to set me off. I thought the fashion section was funny, but this is too much!