Mini Skirt Monday #36: Politics and Protest

I remember when Sarah Palin wore a mini skirt to the Memorial Day commemoration organized by the Alaska Joint Armed Services Committee, and there was such a public outcry that you would've thought she was spitting on the fallen soldiers' graves.  I am by no means a right wing conservative, but give me a break.  As far as I'm concerned, if you've got the figure, there's no bad time for the mini.

Well, in the late 60's and most of the 70's, politics when hand in hand with high hemlines.  It wasn't at all uncommon to find a candidate flanked by a bevy of beauties in short skirts.  Of course, if the candidate had been a woman, I'm not so sure the press would have been so approving.

(ahem) I'm thinking the girl on his right must be his daughter..... I'm searching for an explanation.

Here's a few more images of politics & protest featuring our friend, the mini-skirt.  This next photo is actually from a Rockefeller campaign rally. Wow.

Here we have the protesters, Fight Against Dictating Designers (FADD), who fought "to prevent the entire fashion industry from becoming completely dictatorial in imposing its desires on the buying public." Go get 'em tiger.

Believe it or not, this next picture is actually from a Nixon campaign rally! Finally, I can understand ow Tricky Dick got in office.


  1. O!M!G! I am so glad I found you. The gastro-abominations are the best I have ever seen. How delightfully horrific.

    Hope you'll stop by my Retro Weight Loss blog. I am reliving the 1972 Weight Watchers program and recreating all of the repugnant "dietetic recipes." They are barely edible.


  2. I think I like the Rocky! dress the best.

  3. It would have been hilarious if you would have included the miniskirted chick from the Palantine campaign from Taxi Driver :)

  4. Just watch A F V ( America's Funnest Vidoes ) if you want to see legs and short skirts.