Mini Skirt Monday #37: Modeling the Mini

Once again, let's take a trip back when fashion models weren't anorexic and photoshopped. Back when the mini skirt was king and fashions were outrageous.  Nowadays, fashion photographs make the women look computer generated - no blemishes, no body fat, not a hair out of place, and their skin computer enhanced to the point where they look to be made of polished plastic.  No thanks.

I remember when photographs first started being altered en masse, when "airbrushes" were employed to hide unseamly imperfections.  This was nothing compared to the digitized bulemic fashion spreads of today.  So, let's take a short journey back in time when "what you saw was what you got".  Enjoy.


  1. My mom was part of the mini-skirt brigade. When I look at old photos of her I still wish she had held on to some of that clothing...I would have liked to road test some of those looks on myself...

  2. The girl at the top looks like she has a hat that's three sizes to small. If she moves it looks it would pop off her head. Maybe that was the style back then.