Mini Skirt Monday #38: Minis on Campus (Part 4)

The mini-skirt officially began on Carnaby Street in Britain in 1965. Prior to that, women wore them only for athletics such as tennis. The time was ripe for the mini in "Swingin' London" and it caught on like wildfire. In the States you didn't see them (except for in Hollywood) until late into 1967, and they hung on for about five years.

Is there any better declaration of youth than the mini skirt? The Baby Boomers were in their teens and twenties, and their "hope I die before I get old" credo meshed perfectly with the fashion.  It wasn't until the feminist movement began to be felt, that the hemline began to creep downward.

Feminist icon, Germaine Greer, once wrote: "The women kept on dancing while their long skirts crept up, and their girdles dissolved, and their nipples burst through like hyacinth tips and their clothes withered away to the mere wisps and ghosts of draperies to adorn and glorify ..."

Alas, those days are long gone. The women in these photos are menopausal by now; the heyday of the mini skirt is a distant memory.  Well, its memory is kept alive here on Retrospace - consider it an act of historical preservation. Sure, it brings in plenty of traffic to my little retro blog, but my motivation is purely to edify the populace.....

....(ahem) let's cut the charade here folks -   mini-skirts are smoking hot. Check out another set of gorgeous gals and gams on campuses across this great land from 1968-1972. Enjoy!

"Ideal Body Co."


Even the Catholic schools!
An uncanny likeness to Mary Katherine Gallagher, Molly Shannon's character on SNL.
This one may be my favorite. "Best Dressed"? Wow. Click here to view full sized.


  1. The photo of Ideal Body Company made me laugh out loud. It's about 3 blocks away from where my grandparents lived when i was a kid and I always knew where to turn off because it was the corner with Ideal Body. Not used to seeing it that way, when i was a kid there were still newspaper boys that would hawk the local newspaper on that corner.

  2. Nice entry, but I'm more of a hotpants guy.

  3. I think that miniskirted archer is asking the guy next to her if his arrow is straight; and I think I know his answer too!

    Okay, I know that was weak; but miniskirt mondays make ME weak (in the knees)!


  4. In my catholic high school in the late '60s... well, in my school there weren't any girls. But at the local girls catholic high the girls wore uniforms. And believe me when I tell you, you did not see any knees on those girls. At least not while the nuns were around.

  5. I was looking at the achery picture too. I was just hoping that no one got an arrow in their shoulder or something due to the obvious distraction.