Mini Skirt Monday #39: Asian Minis

Thai Fashion Magazine, 1968 via Paula

I admit, Retrospace is pretty USA-centric (not a word, but you know what I mean); I've lived a couple years in Spain, but otherwise my life has been entirely within the States. Since it's impossible to wax nostalgic about life in Thailand or India during the seventies, I end up leaving the majority of the world out of the picture.  I'd actually be very interested in reading a retro blog from those countries.

Miniskirts trancended cultural boundaries in the late sixties and early seventies. You could arguably say it was just as omnipresent in parts of Asia and Indonesia as Swingin' London.  Here's a few images I've rounded up to illustrate my point. Enjoy!

last three images via peppermint kiss kiss

Indian textile promotional image via Glen H

Thai Fashion Magazine, 1968 via Paula

1972 Turkey (not Asia, I know. Asia Minor is close enough) Album and Artist: Esengül - Senden Işık Bekledim / Sevip Koklayacağım.... whatever that means.

Title: Rita & Sakura Show 1969 via Gojira
Countries issued: Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong


  1. I have several of those album covers before. Either you had them in a different post of I cam upon them on eBay. I don't remember which.

  2. I work at a university with a lot of international students and I can tell you that the Japanese and maybe some other Asians still wear miniskirts regularly.

  3. And just when I thought Miniskirt Mondays couldn't get any better... :)

    Though I admit to feeling a little bit of heartbreak at the last image, that LIFE Magazine cover--the end of an era... :(

    But not on Retrospace!!

  4. Esengül's vinyl cover, means something like that:

    I waited for a sparkle from you / I ll always love and hug you

    love ur blog. cheers.

  5. Hey you should read my blog, about the seventies, mostly in France ! :D

    (translation button on the right, if you can't read French)