Mini Skirt Monday #27: Mini Oddities

Here's a few mini-skirt pictures that, quite frankly, have me scratching my head.  I'm not exactly sure what's going on in the photo, and perhaps I don't want to know.

Take, for instance, the photo at the top of this post. Obviously, there's some sort of money-raising going on... but why is this mini-skirted chick riding side-saddle on a donkey? And why is this persson dressed as a freakish elephant? We may never know.... but, it's evidently worth a donation.

OK. What'll it be? A lollipop or a bottle of booze? Your guess is as good as mine as to what the hell is going on here.

Why is this man on his knees with his hands behind his back? It looks like she's presenting him with some sort of award, but what kind of award do you get on the ground for? I'm confused.

"Hey, honey. Can you pick me up?"
"Where are you?"
"I'm in a phone booth."
"How will I know which phone booth?"

I'm confused why this woman is sitting on this clown's lap... and why he seems so resistant. What's the backstory here? Is she his psychotic ex-wife and he's trying to hide by masquerading as a circus clown?  Or does she have a thing for clowns, and this is her latest conquest? She doesn't seem dressed for the rodeo or circus... what exactly is going on here?


  1. To the Editor:

    Those are some real head scratchers....

    Beginning with the Elephant Man...I think he's supposed to be the GOP and the burro is the Democrats, a la Thomas Nash (I think it was). However, all I could think of was that **I'D** cough up a couple of bucks, just to encourage the blonde woman to be riding side saddle--in case I cough cough dropped something....But that's just me.

    The lollipop or the booze makes me think on Halloween, because of the carved pumpkin features on the sucker. But again, I got all confused, seeing the miniskirt and thinking about tricks and treats, that I lost my train of thought.

    As for the guy on his knees before Ms. Big Hair, I'm embarrassed to say in Portland, Oregon, Ecotopia, we used to have a similar practice. Every year during the "Rose Festival" (or "Fleet's In!" to the cynics), some high school girl would be crowned "Miss (sic) Rose Queen" or some damn thing, and would knight all the twisted perverts and old guys who were "rose festival courtiers" (NOTE: There was substantial over lap between the "old guy" and "twisted pervert" groups). But to be crass, it does appear she is giving him some form of recognition for his unique talents at cunnilinigus (Oh come on! Like YOU weren't thinking same...)

    The wooden man phone booth, crapping out the telephoner--I have no idea.

    Finally, the bottom photo only brings to mind one of Dave Letterman's Top Ten Slogans Rejected by Ringling Brothers Circus: "Clown Fever: Catch It!"

    Hope that helps.
    Bill Abendroth
    Samsara Samizdat