Retrospace Mix Tape #2: Acid Rock

Space rock, psychedelic rock, acid rock, psych folk, garage rock.... call it what you want, they all were heavily LSD influenced. I think it's also safe to say their music sounds better when you're stoned, and was designed to be so. I can guarantee that every album in this mixtape was at one time or another used as a surface to roll joints. If you find one of these records at a yard sale or flea market, don't be surprised if you find a 30 year old doobie inside.

I don't care what anyone says, I'm convinced drugs brought out a higher level of creativity from these musicians than they could've attained straight. Sometimes it was accessible (as in Strawberry Fields) and some times it was so "out there" it almost required substance abuse to get a handle on it. That's what I was aiming for in this mixtape. 

I'm not suggesting you go out and buy a quarter bag and start dropping acid to listen to this collection. However, I am suggesting you give it a try - give it the benefit of the doubt before shrugging it off as "drug music".  You never know, you may find something you like!

Track list

Madhatter- Edgar Broughton Band
Piece of My Own - Edgar Broughton Band
Lonely - Jake Holmes
Faintly Blowing - Kaleidoscope
(Love Song) For Annie - Kaleidoscope
Sun Sing - Rainbow Ffolly
Hours - Silk
Mountain Song - The Greatest Show on Earth
Stoned Innocent Frankenstein - Daevid Allen
A Minha Menina - Os Mutantes


I realize this is not a huge selection, but it's a start. There are zillions more that deserve inclusion, but will just have to wait for another mix tape. Enjoy!

Artist: Edgar Broughton Band
Album: Edgar Broughton Band
Year: 1971
Song: "Madhatter"
Song: "Piece of My Own"

Artist: Jake Holmes
Album: The Above Ground Sound of Jake Homes
Year: 1967
Song: "Lonely"

Artist: Kaleidoscope
Album: Faintly Blowing
Year: 1969
Song: "Faintly Blowing"
Song: "(Love Song) For Annie"
Artist: Rainbow Ffolly
Album: Rainbow Ffolly Sallies Forth
Year: 1968
Song: "Sun Sing"
Artist: Silk
Album: Smooth as Raw Silk
Year: 1969
Song: "Hours"
Artist: The Greatest Show on Earth
Album: The Going's Easy
Year: 1970
Song: "Mountain Song"
Artist: Daevid Allen
Album: Bananamoon
Year: 1971
Song: "Stoned Innocent Frankenstein"
[Sorry. I just noticed this wasn't included in the zip file download.  Download this song here. My bad.]
Artist: Os Mutantes
Album: Os Mutantes
Year: 1968
Song: "A Minha Menina"


  1. On the back of Procol Harum's debut album it says something like: "The record should be listened to in the spirit in which it was made." In other words: Fire one up, and groove on the jams...

    I havent smoked a joint in over 15 years, The hardest thing i touch these days is beer, but for some reason i get into this so called "Drug music" more now than i ever did.

    Thanks for the tunage. I look forward to checking it out.

  2. You missed the mark with the first picture. Cocaine had NOTHING to do with all the albums you listed which are all late 60's/early 70's and definitely NOT influenced by Bolivian Marching Powder. I vote for you to change the first picture with a more suitable one which is related to this post. Otherwise, great post.

  3. PS- My husband says Kaleidoscope reportedly imbibed only in copious quantities of cider.

  4. I am pretty sure my Dad had those records.

  5. Anna- Point well taken, you are so right. I've changed the picture. Good call.

  6. Blimey that first picture is scary, something about the bloke's eyes!

  7. I LOVE this music and I've never done any drug. (I'm sure that says something about me) I've only heard of Kaleidoscope and Os Mutantes so I'm looking forward to this mix tape! Thanks.

  8. Thanks for the upload but links are dead!


    I am so sick of having trouble sharing music!

    (wiping brow) But I'm not giving up. I will find a way to get music on Retrospace reliably and easily.... it'll happen. I thought Rapidshare was the key - evidently, not.

  10. AnonymousJuly 08, 2011

    I don't know if you've fixed the link since you last posted here, but it's dead as I'm typing this post... please re-upload it somewhere else when you can! =)