R.I.P. Corey Haim

I was a little too old, I guess, to be a fan of Corey Haim back in the 1980's; however, I think he deserves mention on Retrospace.  It's sad, really, to recall a young star who's "got the world on a string" and then suddenly everthing goes to shit.  One day he's filthy stinking rich, banging Alyssa Milano and on the cover of every teen magazine on the shelf... the next, he can't pay someone to put him in a movie.

Isn't it that way with all teen stars? Think of all those boys from the 70's that had their faces plastered on Tiger Beat: Leif Garret, Lance Kerwin, Shaun Cassidy, Jack Wild, Bobby Sherman, Andy DeFranco, Vincent Van Patten, Willie Aames.... their careers just sort of fizzled once they stopped being so "cute".  It's an extremely rare occurrence for them to end up on the A-list like John Travolta, and even he had his bleak years.

Note to teeny bopper stars: get your college degree, you're going to need it.  Ilan Mitchell-Smith (Weird Science) and Mayim Bialik (Blossom) did, and their much better off.


  1. I really liked Corey Haim. He was only a couple of years older than me, so I grew up with his movies. The Lost Boys, Liscense To Drive, Some Kind Of Wonderful...they were fun movies and I have a lot of good memories watching his acting.

  2. Yes, this should be a requirement for teen idols. Stay in school and earn your degree. People will forget about you before you are old enough to vote. Gary Coleman, Adam Rich and Webster come to mind. It is a sad reality. RIP Corey Haim.

  3. It's the usual ending for people who seek fame with no concept as to who they are. Their self-worth is the fame. And we live in a society that derides education and celebrates fame. Hollywood is full of these people. It's a strange place to live with so many people keeping up false fronts like the false front buildings on the studio lots.

    I just did a post last night about a woman who was one of Max Sennett's Bathing Beauties. She seemed to have everything. But then at age 60 she committed suicide in a house full of images of herself when she was famous.

    Think of all the people who graced the stage at the Oscars. How many will end tragically?

    Fame is never something to seek.

  4. Very sad indeed. Such lost potential. And will it be a wake up call to the young Hollywood stars or the adults "watching out for them"? Hasn't been yet, why should it be now.

  5. Extremely well put, Tattered&Lost.

    And you can hardly blame him for winding up the way he did. Who in the world at 15 years of age in his situation is going to even think about putting money away in savings and earning a college degree? You're a teenager - you're going to be thinking about two things: (1) banging Alyssa Milano and (2) banging Nicole Eggert.

  6. One thing you learn when you live in Los Angeles, and I imagine New York too, is how empty so many famous people are. There's simply nothing there but an edge of panic because all around them are the next group of people waiting to push them aside. Throw a kid into this mix and expect them to grow up normal is pretty tough. That town can eat people alive, not just the pretty faces you remember. It's an industry town and parts are constantly being replaced, but the old parts never seem to see it coming.

    When I first moved there my post office was the Hollywood branch. Old silent film actors were there waiting to get their SS checks. The women always looked sad, makeup smeared on their faces. Their steady hands and clear vision were gone, but they still saw themselves as the pretty girls they were during their heyday. It was pretty sad.

  7. If not go to school, at least SAVE SOME MONEY!!!! Figure out how much money you'll have after taxes and then save at least 1/3 of what's left.

  8. It is a shame that we are not even surprised when this sort of thing happens. In fact, with "child stars" we almost expect it.

    Few make it to adult stardom, and the ones you mentioned, who went to college, generally are out of show business.

    It is a tragedy.

    As for the money, they share the same fate as sports figures who made eight figure incomes and are now broke.

    How can you spend that much money???