Tech #4: 1980s Computer & Video Game Mags

Here's a collection of old computer and video game magazine covers and advertisements I've acquired from here and there.  I'm not a big computer historian, so the images that interest me aren't centered on a particular outdated technology.  I had a VIC-20, a Commodore 64 and then an Atari - that's about the extent of my retro computing expertise.  However, I can appreciate a particularly awful, bizarre, or racy piece of vintage computing ephemera.

So, enjoy the slide show. Don't forget that the little "arrows" icon at the bottom right expands the slide show to full screen (hit "escape" to return to post)  As always, I am interested in your comments. Cheers!


  1. Boy, that was fun seeing all that old stuff again. I guess with anything that's become a part of your life you forget how things were when that thing was new. My kids don't what to hear about the days when floppy disks were 8 inches across, anymore than I wanted to listen to my father tell me about how wonderful it was to listen to dramas on the radio. What's radio?, I used to say. My kids say, what's a floppy disk?.

  2. I had a Color Computer. I remember Dennis Kitsz (guy on the cover) and that magazine very well.

  3. What? The Timex Sinclair but no Amiga???

    I remember the Magnavox system and Dad talks about the Fairchild system (Channel F).

    Thanks for the post.