Bad Songs #3: "Reverend Bob" by Barbi Benton

Barbi Benton was a familiar face in the 1970s.  She lived with Hugh Hefner for seven years, appeared in several Playboy issues, was a regular on Hee-Haw, and was constantly popping up on TV shows like CHiPs, Charlie's Angels and Vega$.  Beyond that, Barbi was a musician and singer - she released four albums during the 70s.

Her music was predominantly country, and I'm not going to knock it - some of her stuff is not too bad.  However, one song in particular is bad, real bad..... really really bad.

The song "Reverend Bob" appears on her self-titled 1975 album. It tells the story (in first person) of a 16 year old girl in the choir of a small town church.  Reverend Bob comes to town and has lustful feelings for this underage girl and procedes to "make a woman out of [her]".   Take a listen (if you can stomach it).

The song was actually released as a single, and managed to make it as high as #74 in the country music charts.

I can't help but think there's a little autobiography in this song.  Barbi's father was a physician in the military; in the song her dad is a pastor - both professions of authority.  As in the song, Barbi hooked up with a man many years her senior - she was 18 when she shacked up with 42 year old Hef.

But, autobiographical or not, it doesn't give her an excuse for this song!  But we forgive you, Barbi.... but only because you're hot.


  1. Barbi's music was pretty good and she was and remains cuter than cute! I saw a pic of her with Hef's GIRLS NEXT DOOR last year and she still stood out from those generic blondes.

    Barbi also starred in an episode of one of my favorite TV series, McCLOUD and one of my least favorite films of all time--a no budget "horror" movie called X-RAY!

  2. Man, Gil, that Hef piccy is great! I love it! And you are right about the song. Not only are the lyrics awful, but the music had every county cliche in it. Almost sounds like one of those spoof country comedy songs. "Our Love Is Up On Blocks", etc.

  3. I have this album and... yeah, you're not wrong.

  4. Ahhh the effervescent Barbi Benton.

    For my $$$ the only true Barbi(e).

  5. I always perferred looking at Barbi as opposed to listening to her.

  6. i got that Skateboard, same model.

    i did talk about it, time ago...

    thats crazy.